About That Chartered Plane Full of Texas Democrats Running Scared to D.C.

I have been watching with some amusement the situation down in the Great State of Texas where a number of its elected officials, who happen to be Democrats, fled the state to go to Washington D.C. to avoid their job. Normally, an elected official avoiding work — which generally means screwing up — is a really good thing.


This time, however, it means they are preventing some common-sense election reforms from passing all in the name of political gamesmanship that will ultimately fail. Democrats in Texas are used to failing, so possibly this is just like breathing for them.

On Saturday, my colleague Bonchie wrote about how three of those Democrats that slipped off on a plane to the swamp of D.C. had tested positive for COVID-19 even though they were fully vaccinated. Irony Strikes as Texas Democrats Who Fled to Washington, D.C. Test Positive for COVID

Here is a tweet of some of those brave noble human beings smiling and posing while running from their jobs. You can just see the virtue pouring out of these photos.

Then, in just a blink of an eye, late last night, my other colleague Nick Arama had news that an additional TWO of these brave souls tested positive for COVID and they were also vaccinated. It’s Officially a ‘Super Spreader’: More Runaway Texas Dems Test Positive

Now, I’m not a scientist and neither are the vast majority of those that keep using the term “safe and effective”
in relation to the COVID-19 vaccine, so I decided to ponder what all this means in terms of what my feeble mind could grasp. All these brave Democrats hopping on a charted plane to flee their jobs (while still getting paid) to go and listen to Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren tell them to keep fighting the good fight.


Except for that one li’l part that they actually fled the fight.

As I sat and thought about this, I realized that Democrats fleeing on chartered planes is kinda a popular thing with the party of the blue-collar poor folks. Of course, you would think that only Republicans do this but you would be wrong. The Governor of the State of Michigan also has a taste for flying luxury and away from the peasants as I wrote about here this year. Gretchen Whitmer Likes Private Jets, Even Flew on One to Biden Inauguration

Can you blame any of these Democrats? Why on earth would you fly with the unwashed masses after riling them up in telling them how everyone else has screwed them but you? I know I wouldn’t.

So here, in a matter of fewer than 24 hours, we find out that the modern-day freedom fighters from the Democratic Party in Texas have five heroes test positive for COVID. They all did their civic duty and had one of those vaccines that the FDA has said is safe, effective, and will protect you in most circumstances.

Unless of course you are from Texas and fleeing the state and your job, then it is a crapshoot it seems.

Now I know all of this might be a tad bit controversial and I’m hoping that my last observation here will be able to bring us all together. We are all Americans and as such, we need to find common ground to help bind our wounds so that we can move forward.


Even if those Americans are from Texas and lack a spine.

Can we all just agree that if you have the dough to charter a plane and get nice accommodations to reside while visiting one of the most overpriced cities in the world, that you could drink a higher quality beer than Miller Lite?

Was the Bud Light warm at the airport where you picked up those cases of Miller Lite? Was Door Dash not available for runway delivery?

I don’t want to get crazy with the speculation but if there were beer bongs being done on the freedom flight from fear of doing one’s job (Miller Light can do that to you) that might answer some questions about this super spreader flight of COVID. Sharing cans of a really bad light beer can spread more than just regret the next morning.

Please don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a watery light beer as much as the next rube but these people are not like us, they are enlightened, fighting for the rights of people to not vote with an I.D. that they need for a hundred other things to do. They should be drinking Coors Light or maybe some Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Hopefully, when the green light is given for these “fighters” to hop back on a flight home, they do not only feel the wrath of Gov. Abbot for abandoning the Lone Star State but also of people who enjoy a good beer.


America and Texas deserve better than this.



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