Gretchen Whitmer Likes Private Jets, Even Flew on One to Biden Inauguration

AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer loves to fly in high style, and who can blame her. She just wanted to make sure during the height of the “pandemic” that you lil people stayed home cowering, while she did the state’s business — or personal things in Florida and Washington D.C. — because she is important.

Just ask her.

Now, she won’t admit it, so you have to just watch her actions and that will tell you all you ever need to know — and she does a lot of actions.

As I have written here at RedState over the past couple of months, there is a reporter in Michigan who is actually doing journalism and breaking stories. The gent’s name is Charlie LeDuff, and here are some of the stories I have covered that LeDuff has broken.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig Might Run Against Gretchen Whitmer Next Year.

Michigan Gov Sneaked off to Florida in a Billionaires’ Jet and No One Seems to Care

Now, Charlie has broken on his radio show, the “No B.S. Newshour,” a couple of new stories — one which I will cover here and the other one tomorrow. Seems the 49th Governor of the State of Michigan took a private Jet to Washington, D.C., to watch Joe Biden take the oath of office for President when Michigan was slammed with COVID.

Fox News has this…

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s transition fund paid for a private jet she took to attend President Biden’s inauguration in January, according to a new report.

Whitmer is already facing scrutiny for using the transition to pay for the vast majority of her trip to Florida – a trip she initially lied about taking.

Michigan journalist Charlie LeDuff reported during the Friday episode of his radio show, No BS Newshour, that the Michigan Transition 2019 fund also used nearly $21,000 – labeled as a “gift” by the fund – to charter a plane for the governor to attend Biden’s inauguration with her family in Washington, DC.

LeDuff noted that the Michigan Transition 2019 filings page was “dark for years” until the reports of Whitmer’s trip to the Sunshine State against her own travel advisories.

It is unclear if the plane Whitmer reportedly chartered in January is the same as the plane she chartered through Michigan air company AirEagle, LLC to fly to visit her father in Florida.

Whitmer’s office did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment on LeDuff’s report.

Now the reason the governor said she had to take a 4-day trip to Florida was to visit her Dad, who was ill back in March. Understandable. She took a “private jet” for security reason, being she was so concerned with “security” that she did not notify Florida State Police that she would be in the state, which normally is the protocol to ask for more protection. Even if she felt her team was fine protecting her, it is a courtesy to let other officials know, in case any incident arises.

So she used the political slush fund for her inauguration costs to cover that trip, and now, LeDuff breaks that she also used the fund to use a private jet to go to Washington, D.C., last January. Visiting a sick parent is one thing, but did she really need to go to her own inauguration political dough to grab a private jet for that?

Whitmer on Jan 14th had extended restrictions for restaurants and other venues but literally, a week later, hops on a private jet paid for by an inaugural committee that is no longer needed to hob knob with others during a pandemic? Here is why these decisions in Michigan were being made at the time of the pre-inauguration, according to MDHHS Director Robert Gordon via WDIV

“We are reopening cautiously because caution is working to save lives,” Gordon said. “The new order allows group exercise and non-contact sports, always with masks and social distancing, because in the winter it’s not as easy to get out and exercise and physical activity is important for physical and mental health. We are glad that we made it through the holidays without a big increase in numbers, but there are also worrying signs in the new numbers.”

As you might recall, a couple of weeks later, Whitmer fired Gordon and made sure the state gave him a 150k golden bounce payout to keep him happy.

Michigan was being asked to mask up and not go out. We all had to all pitch in to keep others safe and not be selfish. Yet the governor and some of her staff were heading south for any reason, and it is being brushed off as “none of your business” by the Whitmer administration.

The inauguration of Joe Biden was widely covered on T.V., from what I recall, but the governor had to travel beyond the first class in a multi-millionaire’s jet to attend an event — where she might have caught COVID or passed it along. She did the very thing she begged Michiganians not to do, and from what it looks like, she thought it would never be known.

Do you feel played yet? I do, and it is not a warm and fuzzy feeling.

If you don’t feel played, I’m guessing you are one of those people who answers the phone about your expiring car insurance and falls for it hook, line, and sinker.

Bless your heart.