Michigan Governor Channels Her Inner Gavin Newsom, Breaks Her Own COVID Rules at a Bar With Friends

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I simply love this lady. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is singlehandedly showing how bad the modern politician can be. I dare say she is trolling the whole state on a level that is almost Trumpian and we know how much she loves the former POTUS.


As a refresher, here are some of the stories I have covered about Mitt’s Royal Highness and how she handles her office duties while telling others to live.

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Gretchen Whitmer Sneaks off to Florida to Visit Her Dad, Ignoring Her Own Suggestion

Well, it wasn’t enough for her hubby to ignore travel rules last year to go up to the cottage and ask to have their boat dropped into the water skipping ahead of the line, she had to take part in the fun of ignoring her own rules. Whitmer decided to follow the example of Governor “Perfect Hair” Gavin Newsom in California and flout her own rules at a restaurant and bar. She sets the bar really really low.

From The Detroit News

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued an apology Sunday after a photo emerged showing her at a restaurant with 12 other people gathered around tables pushed together in violation of her health department’s current epidemic order.

The May 15 order from the state Department of Health and Human Services says no more than six people can be seated together and groups of patrons must be six feet apart. The conservative news outlet Breitbart first reported the photo Sunday.

“Throughout the pandemic, I’ve been committed to following public health protocols,” Whitmer said Sunday in a statement. “Yesterday, I went with friends to a local restaurant. As more people arrived, the tables were pushed together. Because we were all vaccinated, we didn’t stop to think about it.

In retrospect, I should have thought about it. I am human. I made a mistake, and I apologize.”


Here she is, smiling a mile wide.

Thankfully her communications staff decided to have her apologize right away (as Sister Toldjah covered here) instead of dragging this out for weeks as they always do. Usually, they just bristle at anyone questioning her and how she flaunts the very rules she demands everyone else follow and answer by saying it is a partisan attack

Her communications gurus scheduled the Governor to take four questions today at an event in an office furniture manufacturer Steelcase. The “purpose” was celebrating the reopening of being able to go back to work under her old plan of 55-60-65-70% vaccination status that she essentially ended at her press conference last Thursday. So they gathered to celebrate something that was going to be over on June 1st along with most of the other tiers.


I’m sure it is all based on data and science.

Here is the one question from a brave reporter that asked about her blowing off her bar & restaurant order with her pals the other night. From Fox 2 Detroit Facebook

Reporter: Do you think Landshark (The restaurant she was at with her pals violating her own order ) should be fined for violating your policy and if not do you think other business that was fined should be pulled back that were issued by MIOSHA?

Governor Whitmer: So I’ll just say this, I put out a statement and I wrote that statement and it was an honest mistake and I have apologized for it. I think that we have specifically not gone forward and penalized businesses that were trying to do the right thing, it’s those that have flouted and put people’s safety at risk that is the most concerning. I don’t know if there is a lot more for me to add at this point and time. Others than those former Spartans if you are a Spartan for life now should be aware that it is now a restaurant and they have pretty good pizza.


Well, that just made me feel great about all this, how about you?

I guess other than clearing up the fact that we now know that she wrote the apology listed above, she is not feeling too bad about going out and not wearing a mask even though she has no earthly idea if all those people were vaccinated.

You know what, I don’t blame her one bit either. Lots of people want to get out and have dinner with family and friends. I also don’t blame her for wanting to get some sun while in Florida checking up on her Dad to see if he was okay.

I do blame her for putting rules in place that shuttered businesses and put people out of work based on data and science that she can’t really articulate as evidence. I do blame her for bemoaning to this state that we should not go to Florida, Texas, Alabama while she and her top staff did exactly that to enjoy some R&R or visit family. That is unconscionable and she should be ashamed for it.

All of those that have foisted this nonsense of “You or others will die if you don’t do X” should never be allowed to hold any office of public trust again. They have done more damage in less than time to this state and country than any foreign adversary could have ever dreamed of doing and it is shameful.

Luckily, though, Landshark has some really good pizza and the Governor had a good time with her friends ignoring the very orders she demanded we follow.


Oy vey.


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