Shameless: Gov. Cuomo Tells Adoring Fan "I'm Not Going Anywhere, Darling"

Good ole Andrew Cuomo is just living his best life as the soon-to-be ex-Governor of New York. Now, whether he becomes an ex this year before his term is up or next year when his term officially ends, his time in politics is closing and he no longer has a bright future ahead, as he once did in that arena.


As I wrote yesterday over in our VIP section here at Red State New York Is on Fire With Cuomogate so Let’s Check in on What Trouble AOC Is In the once-rising star for the Dems is burnt toast now. He may not say that to anyone but he knows.

As the brother of Fredo is either done this year by removal or next year by his term ending, he is done. Politically, Cuomo is sleeping with the fishes. So why not have the lady from Brooklyn run for Governor next year and finish the job that Andrew has been working on for the past 11 years?

Making New Yorkers become Floridians or Texans.

I’m just speculating but what a fitting tribute it would be to have AOC replace Gov. Up Close and Personal to drive the last sane people out of the Empire State.

I digress.

So Governor “I’m Lonely and Need a Date” was out at an event in New York yesterday and as he was leaving someone who obviously must be auditioning for the old MTV show “Punk’d” yelled out some encouraging words for the son of Mario.

From The Sun

On Monday, as Cuomo was leaving an event at the Grace Baptist church in Mounth Vernon, a female fan shouted that she loved the governor and he “better stay” where he is.

Cuomo, who is being investigated for the way he speaks and interacts with women, later replied, “I’m not going anywhere, darling.”

The governor has been accused by eight different women, many of them current or former employees, of inappropriate behavior.

However, even as the state attorney general investigates him, Cuomo has maintained that he never harassed anyone.


Pretty brazen of you, young lady, if you ask me. Yelling at a creep like the Governor and acting like he is worthy of any adoration. Obviously, this lady is not aware of any of the policies that Andrew advocated for that possibly led to the untimely death of seniors in their state. Luckily, we have someone like Janice Dean to remind us.

The really off-the-wall thing about the video in The Sun link above is that the lady who is yelling off-camera says

We still looking for our 11 o clock report.

which is when Cuomo calls her “darling” and then grins at the cameras and the press assembled across the street as he gets into his car.

There are really people that still are looking for this creep to give a press conference every day to inform the people of New York how he has been running roughshod over them? I know there are a few wacky people in every walk of life but for this lady to be right there at that time to yell some encouraging words to Gov. Handsy is just a bit odd.

Then again, it does take people like that to put a stumbler into the White House like ole Uncle Joe.

No matter how brazen Cuomo acted here, he knows the clock is ticking on his leaving office. He might leave on his own terms next year or he might be forced out later this year. In any case, someone who was once considered presidential material is now just another corrupt politician from New York. The only thing we will talk about him in the future will be how far and fast he fell from political nirvana.


I’ll end this with a tweet from Janice Dean who was telling us all about this guy this long before we knew.


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