Ladies at The View Are Afraid to Have Janice Dean on Because They Heart Andrew Cuomo

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I would say you have got to be kidding me on this story but really what do you expect from the gals at The View?


Janice Dean is on a crusade to make sure that all the deaths that occurred in New York nursing homes during the COVID-19 debacle are accurately reported. Also if a bad policy was implemented and hidden from the public from the Governor on down they need to be held accountable. She is truly doing the Lord’s work and this country is lucky to have someone like this to stand up to do what is right.


Oh, and she also has a new book out called Mostly Sunny that she is currently promoting to chat about and the nursing home situation in the Empire State.

Her publisher asked the producers of Da View if Janice could go on the cackle fest owned by the ABC network with Whoopi and Joy. When it was revealed that Janice WOULD talk about Cuomo, Dean and her publishers were told nada.

From the New York Post

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean said Tuesday that she’s been blackballed from appearing on “The View” — and suggested it was due to her outspoken criticism of embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Dean — who has blamed Cuomo’s coronavirus policies for the nursing home deaths of her in-laws — tweeted that her publicist has tried “several times” to schedule an appearance for her on the daytime talk show, to no avail.

Translation: The gals at The View wet themselves at the mere thought of being challenged.

Here are the tweets Janice posted earlier today that explain pretty much everything you need to know.


Why would people ask her why she would go on that show? I want to THANK HER for willing to go on that vapid chatter fest and be willing to stand up for what is right.


Cuomo was hailed as a great example of how a government official should act during a crisis and it seems to be turning out he was a complete hack. While he was taking bows and hitting on a woman more than half his age (he was lonely) very few people were willing to dig and ask questions.

Janice Dean was one of the first, if not the first, and I think she is the one that should have praised heaped upon her. If the silly squad at the View eventually has her on, I know she will slice and dice them with a smile on her face and truth in her words.

Keep up the good fight Janice.


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