Meghan Markle Is Not Running for President but I Bet the Queen Wishes She Would

Meghan Markle Is Not Running for President but I Bet the Queen Wishes She Would
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This is what we call some Royal Trolling.

Even if the thought of running for President ran through Meghan Markle’s vapid lil head, she is not running for President.




Oh, I’m sure when you go on Oprah and complain about being rich and famous just for marrying some ginger from Britain, you think the world is your oyster. Anything is possible, right?

Most anything.

Being President is not in those cards though.

Why is this even being brought up? Well, the tabloids in England know how to do some trolling and it is quite funny. From Daily Mail

Meghan Markle will use the furore over her interview with Oprah to launch a political career which could take her all the way to the White House, if rumours circulating around Westminster last week turn out to be accurate.

One senior Labour figure – a veteran of Tony Blair’s Downing Street administration with strong links to Washington – claimed to The Mail on Sunday that Ms Markle, 39, was networking among senior Democrats with a view to building a campaign and fundraising teams for a tilt at the US Presidency.

Last night, a source close to the Duchess of Sussex declined to comment, but the couple have made little secret of their political beliefs.

The source added that the presumption was that the Duchess was eyeing 2024, when President Joe Biden will be 82 and deciding whether he wants to run for a second term.

I really do wish this was true but alas, it is not, and here is why.

Harry and Meghan are doing a woe-is-us publicity tour right now to add to their bank account which was limited before due to being part of the Royal clan. Don’t get me wrong — it is a ton of cash, but as a ‘working royal,” you have to show up to things and wave to people you despise.

The commoners pay the taxes, don’t ya know?

The irony of sitting with a famous talk show host complaining about your fear of not being able to get the privacy you so crave is hilarious. Harry and Meg are so lost on this point they are making Marie Antoinette look like a sympathetic figure in history.

Smooth move, Sussexes.

So now, Harry gets to sleep in most mornings and not have to take orders from his Grandma, and Meghan goes from being a B-rated actress to now developing her own content and calling the shots while getting PAID LOTS for doing it. All because of who she decided to procreate with.

You have to admit, that is not that bad of a gig. Unless of course, you don’t like redheads.

Meghan knows that no matter what happens now, she has her golden ticket and is set for life. So you have to poke the public every once in a while to try and garner sympathy for being super-rich and famous, but that is easy enough. She was an actress for cripes sake; she can cry on cue.

Running for office — let alone President — means you don’t get to call the shots. You have to hire people much smarter than you to advise you on what to do and that didn’t work that well for the former Ms. Markle while she was a Dutchess in Britain.

Plus Harry would have to wake up early again to campaign. I’m sure he would veto that idea if he had a vote — which we all know, he doesn’t in this pairing.

Yet I have a sneaking suspicion that the Queen herself would LOVE to see her grandson’s wife entertain delusions of grandeur and run for the highest office in the land. In fact, I bet Buckingham Palace planted that story to put the idea in Markle’s head.

The amount of dirt that the Royal Family has on these two is probably overwhelming. The file on Harry is easy enough, being the security he had was paid for by the crown and we all know Diana’s youngest son loved to party on the Royal dime.

The file on Meghan is probably just as thick. Hollywood is not known for virtuous people walking around in that industry; it is pretty seedy as most of the movies we have all seen have shown us.

If you have ever seen a James Bond movie, you know that Mi6 is good at digging up the dirt and you better damn well believe while Harry was dating the American, the Queen gave them a pretty big shovel to dig with.

So if — and I’m only saying IF — Meghan were to bump her head and run, I have to believe the Queen would privately support that. If the American people collectively bumped our heads like we just did in 2020 and elected Meghster, Queen Elizabeth would dump the file and destroy a Markle Administration before it began.


Because of what we did almost 245 years ago on July 4, 1776.

You know those Royal blue blood types are secretly still ticked-off about that.

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