MERRY CHRISTMAS: Another New Strain of COVID-19 Found in England.

Lindsey Parnaby / Pool via AP

Here we go again and you know how this is going to end up. Yup, just like Shaun of the Dead and no one really wants that. Except for lifelong government bureaucrats who love issuing mandates and the politicians that enable them.


What am I speaking of?

Seems our cousins over across the pond in Britain have come across a couple of new mutated strains of COVID-19 that are roaming the English countryside. The Brits were the first country to approve the vaccines for Covid-19 so of course, it makes sense that the nasty lil bug would start to change immediately to counter this.

Crafty lil sons of a guns.

From Sky News

England has banned travel from South Africa after two cases of a new “more transmissible” COVID-19 variant linked to the country were found in the UK.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned the “highly concerning” new variant is believed to be more transmissible than the mutant strain that resulted in the creation of the new Tier 4 restrictions.

The two cases are contacts of people who travelled from South Africa over the last few weeks, Mr Hancock said at a Downing Street news conference.

Those with the new variant, and contacts of them, are quarantining.

From 9am on Thursday, people arriving in England who have been in or transited through South Africa in the previous 10 days will not be permitted entry.

Direct flights from the country will be banned, with cargo and freight exempt.

Jolly good.

Actually, not really. Viruses almost always mutate so that is not surprising or the problem here. The HUGE problem is how elected officials in government and the ones who are lifelong servants handle this new information. If we can be honest with ourselves we still have no idea why most of the COVID protocols were implemented the first time around. If you think it is all based on science and data you are super duper adorable and you might miss your Elf on the Shelf after tonight after they go back to the North Pole.


The Governments reaction here in the United States and elsewhere was based on the need to do ANYTHING rather than the right thing. Sometimes these things happen to be the same action but we do not yet know if they are in this instance. What we do know is that the reaction was to destroy the virus by destroying the economy and how has that worked out so far for everyone?

If COVID mutates and is not 95% treatable like the first strain is, you can fully expect the nannies in government to knee jerk react again and want to shut everything down. Of course, while they still receive their paycheck.

Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year indeed.

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Finally, Have a Very Merry CHRISTmas and a Blessed New Year.


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