Adam Carolla Gives the Best Take on Obama's 29 Hour Audio Book

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The most popular radio talk show host in the United States of America for decades has been Rush Limbaugh. He has graced the airwaves across the fruited plain from Noon until 3pm EST for over 30 plus years and has done it marvelously. Barrack Obama’s audiobook is 29 hours which covers almost 2 weeks of Rush’s show and people like Adam Carolla and Tucker Carlson are going to have some fun with that.


As well they should.

A brief glimpse at the give and take on Tucker’s show from last Thursday provided by the Daily Wire

On Thursday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson hosted comedian and author Adam Carolla to discuss Barack Obama’s new autobiography, “A Promised Land,” the audiobook version featuring Obama reading takes 29 hours to read. When Carlson asked Carolla if Obama ever took credit for the “mismanagement, the division he caused within the country over eight years,” Carolla replied, “I don’t know; I was only able to listen to the first 17 hours on the toilet this morning so I haven’t gotten to the rest of the book.”

The segment began with Carlson asking, “Well, if you had a few days of free time to do literally whatever you wanted, how would you spend it? We’re not life-show hosts, we’re just talk-show hosts, but we do have a humble suggestion. You might want to consider listening to Barack Obama talk about himself in his second autobiography, for 29 hours straight. It sounds a little crazy, but listen to this sample from his new audiobook and try to ask yourself, are you not irresistibly attracted to that idea? Here it is.”

Sitting on the toilet for that long is probably bad for your knees.

Now having lived through the 8 years of the Barrack Hussein Obama Presidency, it is not surprising that this audiobook about his time at 1600 Pennsylvania is almost as long as his time living there. The guy was able to talk and talk and talk and you would leave his speech telling yourself it was a decent speech but you never could recall what he said being it was vanilla with vanilla extract put on top of vanilla ice shavings.


This, of course, is in direct contrast to a Trump speech which could last for 90 minutes and there were always one or two or twenty sound bites that people would revel in or absolutely hate.

Another point that is brought up on Tucker’s show, that I ABSOLUTELY agree with is that POTUS 44 is much more of an egomaniac than Donald Trump is. POTUS 45 has a swagger from growing up in New York where everyone walks with the shadows of “The Big Apple” following them and that brings a sort of hutzpah that is a bit inflated. Barrack Obama won the Noble Peace Prize for winning the Presidency and he truly thinks he deserves it. The only difference between them in this regard is that Trump carries the chip on his shoulder and engages people about it, Obama has others do his dirty work to tell people how awesome he is.

In other words, ALL Presidents have an ego but Trump speaks his mind about it. The others try to be polite in public but act petulant in private.

No one is going to read all this monstrosity of ego-stroking and anyone that says they have is most likely lying. Even the true believers in the Obama era policies of acheiving mediocrity and America pulling away from the leadership in the world won’t be able to stomach over 700 pages and 29 hours of how some guy with a funny name hit the lottery of winning a United States Senate seat. Then doubling down on that luck and beating one of the most inept candidates ( Hillary) in his primary in 2008 and then going on to beat two stiffs in McCain and Romney for the White House.


I doubt the wife even read the whole thing.

However, if you attempt to either read it or listen to it, I would suggest you do NOT do this while sitting on the loo as Adam Carolla did. You might cut off circulation to your lower extremities and definitely will to your brain.

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