STOP IT: CNN Anchor Jake Tapper Asks if CHRISTmas Is Possible This Year

Whenever Dr. Anothony Fauci makes the media rounds, you know there is going to be some news broken on something to do with COVID-19. This is about as dependable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west or as Nancy Pelosi looking into BOTOX injections.


Generally, these interviews result in Fauci making some news for not echoing President Donald Trump’s words exactly or being asked what his opinion is on a Trump tweet. The results are somewhat comical in light of all we have been put through with COVID and, as we all know, it is better to laugh than cry.

So in light of all that, the good Dr. yesterday made an appearance over at CNN on the ever-so-increasingly ignored “State of the Union” program with Jake Tapper. Fauci hit his usual talking points in the program and expressed some guarded optimism about the virus being contained with the vaccine being on the horizon pending FDA approval by the end of the year.

So far, so good.

From Fox News

“I would recommend to people not to abandon all public health measures just because you’ve been vaccinated,” Fauci said. “Because even though for the general population it might be 90 to 95 percent effective, you don’t necessarily know for you how effective it is.

“I can feel more relaxed in essentially not having the stringency that we have right now, but I think abandoning it completely would not be a good idea.”

Fauci told Yahoo News last month that people will have to make “their individual choice” when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving and visiting family. At the time, he said that “hopefully by Christmas” the situation will be different.

Yet Jake Tapper was not going to allow that to go without some stellar commentary being he is not there to report the news but to MAKE the news. CNN gave up on reporting actual news long ago.


FAUCI: We have to get the vaccine, it has to be deployed and we can’t abandon fundamental public health measures. You can approach a degree of normality while still doing some fundamental public health things that synergize with the vaccine to get us back to normal.

TAPPER: So not until the second or third quarter of 2021 though, CHIRSTmas is probably not gonna be….possible.

Dr. Fauci stammers for a moment and you can see in his contorted face he is wondering who booked him on this idiot’s show.

Here is a suggestion to all the “journalists” and commentators who feel that they need to preach to Americans how they should behave in their homes during any time of the year. Thank you for your suggestion but you can stop now. Seriously. STOP IT.

CHRISTians (or any faith) are going to hold celebrations in our homes with however many people we see fit and will do so gleefully without the nannying of government officials (who are doing the same thing by the way) or media types trying to sound super-duper smart. You tried to scare people into canceling Easter, Memorial Day, and Independence Day here and most people followed what they felt best for them and it has all worked out.

This is a virus that is never going to go away completely and if you have taken the time to learn that you would already know this little nugget of helpful info. Even with the vaccine, we are not sure how long that immunity will last and initial reports will be something akin to INFLUENZA, which we all know is here every year making us suffer briefly.


America will celebrate Thanksgiving, CHRISTmas, and even New Years’ being we have the right to do so if we so choose. If people feel that it is too much of a risk, then so be it, they have that right also to make that decision based on what is best for them. However, the nannying and idiotic talking points based on fear from people like Jake Tapper have run their course. CHRISTmas shall not be canceled Jake, and you and the other mouth breathers who regurgitate these thoughts should come around to that idea sooner rather than later.

Who knows, you might even enjoy this holiday season after this long arduous year.

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