John James Has a Slight Lead Over Sen. Gary Peters in New Michigan Poll

John James Has a Slight Lead Over Sen. Gary Peters in New Michigan Poll
(Max Ortiz/Detroit News via AP)

All the Joe Biden backpedaling on now being concerned about the riots and violence that his supporters are perpetuating means one thing. Joe and his team have gotten the poll numbers and he can be silent no more about what these ingrates are doing.

Last week I wrote here about a poll that not only showed President Trump closing the gap in Michigan but actually have a slight lead. As I said here.

Biden held his lead over President Donald Trump in the national opinion poll taken Aug. 19 to 25, with 47% of registered voters backing the Democratic challenger and 40% supporting the Republican incumbent. That was a similar edge to what Biden had before his party’s convention, a scaled-back, virtual event because of the coronavirus pandemic.

That marks a shift from many past election cycles. The previous Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, saw a 4-percentage-point gain against Trump after her party’s 2016 convention, while Trump’s support also rose 4 points after his party’s gathering that year. The Republicans are holding their convention, a mix of in-person and virtual events, this week.

Trump 47% (+2)
Biden 45%
Jorgensen 3%

This is no doubt the result of the pounding that team Biden has taken over the riots happening and the Democrats from the top on down looking the other way. The safety of the public is quickly becoming the issue in the country and Trump is better positioned to take advantage of the mayhem.

Now it looks like that Republican Candidate for Senate, John James might be taking advantage of this also.

Once again according to the Trafalgar Group Mi-Senate

John James 48.1%
Gary Peters 46.6%
Another Party Candidate 2.1%
Undecided 3.2%

Now I’m not going to get crazy here being I know we have 64 days until the 2020 election. This poll was taken BEFORE both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions so we still have too much time on the clock. However, this means that the needle has started to swing the other way and Joe Biden’s sudden statements coming out and condemning the violence means the Biden Camp sees what is listed here.

The American people are not about using violence as a form of political speech.

Donald Trump only won Michigan by 11.000 votes in 2016 and John James will need every bit of any Trump wave here in the state to pull off an upset against Gary Peters in 2020. Trump and James both have a long road ahead but it looks like they are closer than most pundits would have told you they would be at this point and Bidens actions in the last 4 days confirm this.

The next two months are gonna be a bumpy ride kids. Get ready!!!

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