Gretchen Whitmer Opens Detroit Ca$ino$ While U.P. Bars Remain Closed Because COVID.

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(AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

All we ever hear from our Guv Supreme is about the safety of the people here in the state of Michigan ( we are NOT Michiganders) from the COVID-19.


*She has issued over 170 executive orders keeping us SAFE…and confused.

*She has pleaded with us to wear masks saying the data and science demand it….while not showing any data and science.

*She just shut down all bars in the state ( including the Upper Peninsula which as seen less than 20 deaths since this began) that have 70% of their sales from alcohol. COVID-19 doesn’t recognize political parties but it loves a party at the bar evidently.

And she has kept the three Detroit Casinos closed being it is unsafe for the people in Detroit, in the county of Wayne to congregate at a filthy COVID breeding ground like a casino being people will DIE.

Until now. All of a sudden it is safe to go to a casino in Detroit and drink, but not a bar in Copper Harbor Michigan in the yoopers land.

From Detroit Free Press

Detroit’s three casinos will start reopening Wednesday under new governor-mandated capacity restrictions, 4½ months after closing for the coronavirus pandemic.

MotorCity Casino Hotel is to open at 10 a.m. Wednesday, followed by Greektown Casino-Hotel at 2 p.m.

MGM Grand Detroit will open for invite-only VIP customers Wednesday and Thursday, and at 10 a.m. Friday for the general public.

All casino visitors must wear masks and pass temperature checks to get inside, and they will discover that some building entrances have closed.

During a recent pre-opening tour of MGM Grand Detroit, normally the busiest of the three Detroit casinos, the casino’s President and Chief Operating Officer David Tsai said the 15% capacity rule means that roughly 1,800 people are allowed on the casino floor at any one time.


Let’s do the math.

According to the article above 15% of the MGM, capacity is about 1,800 people. Lets put the other two casinos at 1,500 being they might be a tad bit smaller. That means the casinos could jam close to 5,000 people into their joints with room to spare. Yet is it really a good idea to be putting a group of people and workers in an area that leads the state with the COVID?

Normally if you are team Big Gretch logic you would scream NO WAY.

Yet you won’t hear that from the zombie bobbleheads that thank her for keeping the state safe. Why?


A report from Deadline Detroit back in March stated that the city of Detroit was losing approximately 600,000 dollars a day from the three casinos in Detroit being closed. That means since St Patricks Day of 2020 the city of Detroit has lost in taxes from casinos almost 85 MILLION dollars.

So Gretch is worried about bars being open with sales receipts over 70% to the common folk in all parts of the state where this pandemic is not raging but in the city and the county where the COVID is wreaking havoc it is… ROLL THE DICE.


Are you done being played?

Maybe we should start demanding answers from the crew hiding behind all of their desks in Lansing. That includes the Speaker of the Michigan House and the Senate Majority Leader in Michigan Senate.

They have all ducked us long enough.


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