COVID-19 False Positive Happens For Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford And His Wife is Ticked.

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Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) is sacked by Minnesota Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter (99) during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn)

We keep hearing that regular people living in the fruited plain get tested for the COVID-19 and will be told that they have it, but then it is revealed that they don’t. Now we know that even big named athletes in the National Football League can get the dreaded false positive.

When news came out late last week that the star QB had tested positive for the COVE and had been put on the NFL IR- COVID list, the league, and the sports world took notice. Most Detroit Lions fans started sobbing quietly being Stafford is the only reason to watch a Lions game.

His wife Kelly just had brain surgery last year and she would have fallen into the category of someone who would need to be shielded from this virus so this was a concern for the family in a big way. So that they get an accurate test is vitally important not for Matt Stafford’s career but for the safety of his wife.

The test didn’t get it right though.

Kelly Stafford is not shy about speaking her mind on social media and according and let her feelings be known as covered by the New York Post

“The past four days have been somewhat of a nightmare,” wrote Stafford’s wife, Kelly. “We were all tested the day after and we were all negative, including Matthew…then he tested negative again, then again, again and again.”

Last year, Kelly had surgery to remove a brain tumor. According to the CDC’s guidelines, she would be classified as high risk if she contracts the coronavirus. The Lions posted a statement Tuesday afternoon saying Stafford is back on the roster after receiving a false positive test.

“I have been losing my mind because of how my Family has been treated since my husband was put on the Covid-IR list,” said Kelly, who has four children with Matt. “Even after we knew it was a false positive, I was approached in a grocery store told I was ‘endangering others,’ my kids were harassed and kicked off a playground, I was told I needed to wait in my car when trying to pick up food, and people closest to us had to get tested just so they could go back to work… and that’s just to name a few things.”


This is just a crappy situation all around.

The Staffords are n the public eye and essentially got dragged through the mud on something that turned out to be a false story. That Kelly couldn’t even go to the park with her kids without getting harassed AFTER the news of the wrong result is indicative of the environment the fear dwellers have created for us. Every damn Karen is going to feel emboldened to get up in anyone’s grill that is not doing as they think they should.

The FDA even had to put out a warning some tests were not going to be an accurate way to test for this virus.

The whole rush on anything to do with this virus has made such a mess of this countries psyche and it really is criminal.

Hopefully, Kelly Stafford can take her kids out in peace now that it is PUBLICLY KNOWN that her husband is COVID free for now. If the Karen brigade does attack hopefully she can repel them with some pepper spray that says COVID-19 to scare them away.

Damn Karen zombies.



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