We Should Just Cancel the NFL Season to Save Lives ( Also for the Children)

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New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara (41) crosses the end zone for a touchdown in the first half of an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams in New Orleans, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018. (AP Photo/Bill Feig)

What I am about to say is going to make (some) people very mad but I really don’t care. Those people who will get mad about this obviously don’t care about human lives, puppies, and probably put ketchup on a hot dog.

The time has come, though, to finally say out loud what has been talked about secretly all along.

Time to cancel the NFL season in its entirety. Maybe just fold the damn league.

Rumors began to pop up yesterday that the NFL players union has told players that all 4 preseason games will be canceled which is honoring the request the players pitched to the owners. The players obviously are fearing for their lives in a sport that is all about close contact, and violent hand-to-hand combat every 45 seconds or so, and slamming bodies to the turf and celebrating that. How can we protect them from a virus with all this other activity going on?


The league has been contemplating canceling the season even though it was NOT supposed to be talked about publicly.  Of course, the Las Vegas Raiders owner spilled the beans — because Raiders. (Why hasn’t that name been changed to something less hostile, by the way?)

According to CBS Sports

Raiders owner Mark Davis has officially gone rogue. Back in May, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent out a memo where he asked each of the league’s 32 owners not to comment or speculate on how the 2020 season might play out. Apparently, Davis either didn’t get that memo or he decided to ignore it because the Raiders owner offered some interesting speculation about how the year might play out. During an interview with ESPN.com, Davis revealed that he thinks there’s still a possibility that the 2020 season could be completely canceled, which is an option the league hasn’t ever publicly mentioned.

According to Davis, the NFL basically has three options for the upcoming season. Via ESPN, here are those options:

1. Go on as planned, with teams reporting for training camp over the next week, and see what happens.

2. Delay the start of the season until November and go to a 12-game season, canceling each team’s four interconference games (AFC vs. NFC).

3. Cancel the 2020 season entirely.


The number 1 option is totally irresponsible. Go on as planned and see what happens? Dear Lord, whoever wrote that must be a heathen.

The number 2 option is truly no better, as waiting for November is not a guarantee that this virus will be gone. I’m pretty sure no one in the NFL has a crystal ball declaring the COVID scourge will be vanquished otherwise they would be winning games they bet on and be continuous fantasy football champs if they did.

The number 3 option is the only way to go, being one life lost for any reason just can’t happen. Up until now, we have lived in a risk-free society. Sure the NFL is a rough sport but now that the #WOKE crowd is running the league, the future is so bright for the most violent game we have. We just can’t risk any person getting a virus that has a survival rate of near 99.9%, we need PERFECTION. So, even though the NFL is #WOKE, we need to cancel the chance anyone catches COVID. Also, the flu bug that gives peoples tummies diarrhea — that is always a mess.

How we achieve that is a totally different matter. We have not figured out how to get people to a 100% rate of safety with things like influenza even though we have multiple vaccines for that. Yet that inconvenient truth DOES NOT MATTER in for a case like this. The #WOKE NFL needs perfection and we need to support them in this noble quest.

Wearing masks do not guarantee you won’t catch this COVID and not die. Vaccines that are being rushed to the public will not have been tested long enough to say for certain they will prevent catching this and dying. In fact, they might turn you into a zombie and thus start the long-awaited Zombie Apocolypse, which henceforth will be known as the typical voter for Joe Biden.


We can’t risk one life.

We can’t risk one more distraction from everyday life like we used to have in the form of football.

If the NFL players are worried about playing a sport where they try to rip off each other’s heads for four 15 minute quarters, then we should not make them. We need to stop being selfish watching our favorite players each week try to wreck another person’s body for our enjoyment.

Now is the time for the NFL players to get up off their knees protesting and go file for the unemployment benefits that so many of their fans have had to accept since March and get on the government dole themselves. This has to happen if the NFL is not playing games — players should not be paid millions of dollars while NOT performing something that could kill them.

We can’t force them and it would not be right to pay them either.

Just imagine what a utopia our society will be without a violent sport like football infecting our children to want to tackle someone or scratching and biting them like their gridiron heroes used to do every Sunday, Wednesday, or Saturday that the new NFL schedule forced us to endure.

No one will die from COVID-19 and America will finally have children that are well behaved.

What a wonderful world it will be.

Roger Goodell, do the right thing and cancel the NFL. DO it for #WOKE America.


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