In Michigan, Big Gretch Allows Dogs to Be Groomed but Not People

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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been on a roll since this whole COVID-19 crisis has come upon the land. Yet the role she is playing is akin to a confused tinhorn dictator and a clumsy one at that.


I have written here at Red State about just how confusing her executive orders have been. From buying gardening supplies at small places but not large places like Home Depot. Also, the absolute stupidity of allowing people to go on a golf course but banning golf carts.  Today my colleague Bonchie wrote about her opening of Northern Michigan from its COVID-19 timeout so her family could spend some time at the cottage up north right HERE. 

Keeping in the grand condition of odd orders coming from the Guv’s office in Lansing, we now have the Executive dictate that doggies can go get groomed but people still can’t. Unless you go to America’s Barber, Karl Manke in Owosso, who just doesn’t give a flying you know what and has been vindicated by the courts.

From Michigan Confidential

Whitmer made an off-hand comment in her May 21 press conference about her own dog, which some in the media took to mean dog grooming would be allowed. But in her comment, Whitmer talked about “veterinarian services” which is not specifically pet grooming.

“And also all of you pet owners, the return of veterinarian services. If your dogs are shaggy like my little boy, Kevin, I know that that’s welcome news to some of you,” Whitmer said.

WJBK reported on the executive order: “The order allows these procedures and appointments to begin Friday, May 29. This includes pet grooming appointments as well, something Gov. Whitmer said she was looking forward to for her dog Kevin.”


Who names their dog Kevin?

I read through the executive order myself and as Cap Con reveals, it does not “SPECIFICALLY” say dog grooming but the Guv says she is going to get Kevs hair cut, so one can assume that dog groomers can open. Yet we can’t know for sure being this Governor’s actions are like a bumper car ride at a carnival. You just know your gonna get your brain jerked around and you hope no whiplash or concussions occur.

Maybe she is just hoping that dogs can get groomed up near her cottage so she can go up there after her boat gets dropped in the water by Labor Day. That is a Michigainin inside joke.

None of this is based on data and science but on the time old parental adage of “I SAID SO” which is supposed to end the argument. The Governor though has now run into bad P.R. with her husband’s power play in Bonchie’s story above and great weather for Michigan in late May. People that have been playing by her rules now see she wants it one way for us and another for her and the family. Also, the weather we had this past weekend just makes you want to go out and enjoy some rays and throw her executive orders in the trash.


Whitmer last week extended the stay at home order until June 12th and I’m guessing that more businesses and people will start ending their quarantines before she says we can. The reason is that the Governor has failed to adequately explain her reasoning for these mystifying orders.

I SAID SO is not a data and science-based statement. That is the last resort for people who have lost their cool.

Big Gretch is definitely not cool in Michigan right now.


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