ROUND 1: Michigan Barber Wins First Court Hearing Against Gov Whitmer's Shut Down Order

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The saga of one barber in Michigan wanting to make a living against the dictates of the states Governor continued on Monday with a small court victory. Karl Manke, who has gained national attention for his stance of defying Governor Whitmers’ Executive Order telling him and others in the state they need to stay closed. He reopened last week and has been fined and received a direct order from the Attorney General to shut down. He has refused so far and his first court appearance was a victory.


According to the Lansing State Journal

A Shiawassee County judge has denied the state’s request to simply sign a temporary restraining order against an Owosso barber.

Instead, Karl Manke and his attorneys will have the chance to argue against the request state attorneys made based on his decision to reopen his barbershop amid the COVID-19 pandemic being “an imminent danger to public health”

Stephen Kallman, one of two attorneys representing Manke, stepped out onto the steps of Manke’s barbershop just minutes after a press conference to say Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart had refused to sign the order.

Now this is a small victory but still a victory. The A.G. wanted the judge to sign the close order without a hearing and the Judge refused to issue a close order without a citizen of the state have that ability to do so. Why in the hell the A.G. of this State would want to operate in this manner is wrong.

Manke and his lawyers held a press conference outside his barbershop on Friday where America’s Barber expressed his view that “I’m gonna stay open till Jesus comes.”


It sounds like Karl has the right idea in mind and hopefully the States elected leaders start to actually use reason and logic and not the fake mantra of everything is based on science and data without showing any of it.

More people need to be like Karl and respectfully stand up to non-laws being forced down people’s throats. I hope people use him as an example.


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