Michigan Congressman Starts Ballot Committee to Limit Gov. Whitmer's Emergency Powers

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Once again, Michigan seems to be leading the revolt in the country on over the top Executive Orders with lil or no showing of the “science” and the “data” used to make those decisions. As I have written previously here at Red State it seems that the Great Lakes State is being led by a Barber, Mayor and now a Congressman.


Republican Congressman Paul Mitchell has already filed a legal challenge against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Executive Order claiming she is overreaching. Now he is stepping up to make sure that no other Governor will be able to do what this one has done in regards to the law.

From the Detroit News

U.S. Rep. Paul Mitchell, R-Dryden, has formed a ballot committee aimed at collecting signatures to restrict the unilateral emergency powers that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer used to combat COVID-19.

A week ago, Mitchell, who was first elected to the U.S House in 2016, announced a lawsuit against Whitmer, alleging her executive orders had violated his rights. Now, he’s formed a ballot committee, Say Yes to MI Constitution, which could initiate a proposal to go before the Legislature.

If the group collects more than 340,000 signatures, its proposal could gain the approval of the Republican-controlled Legislature and wouldn’t need Whitmer’s signature to become law.

“Michiganders elect members of the Legislature to represent them in our government,” Mitchell said in a statement. “Unfortunately, Gov. Whitmer is misusing her powers to rewrite laws, court decisions, and insists she can dial up these powers whenever she sees fit.

Mitchell is clearly making sure that he is covering all of the bases here. If the lawsuit is not successful and the one that the GOP state leadership has filed also fails, then there is the petition option. Over FOUR million people voted in Michigan for Governor in 2018. The committee goal of 340,000 in the current climate could be done much easier than a recall of Whitmer could.


Also this goes directly to the GOP led legislature and not needing the Governor to sign. This would render her without any authority in this matter and would cause an epic meltdown politically that Michigan has ever seen.

Funny how those things work.

Michigan is leading the charge of asking questions of our elected officials when we are not getting satisfactory answers. Some of the people questioning them are regular folks like barbers and some are fellow elected officials. Whoever they may be, it seems citizens of Michigan are actively involved in their government right now.

That is never a bad thing.


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