Standing up to Big Gretch: 77-Year-Old Michigan Barber Defies Governor Whitmer and Opens His Shop

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We tend to hear a lot about heroes today and it is all well-deserved acknowledgment of people who do tough jobs not just during a pandemic. Yet 77-year-old barber Karl Manke, who has cut hair in his town for 60 years, is also one. He is standing up for what he feels is right.


With Gov. Whitmer extending her executive order until May 28th without showing the “science or data” she claims to rely on so heavily people are going to have to start making decisions based on what is good for themselves and their community. Karl decided to do that this past Monday when he opened the doors to his barbershop, which is a mainstay in his town.

The video below from M-LIVE starts out with Karl saying he doesn’t need another Mother.

You know so I’m a self-employed barber, I can make adult decisions for myself and all the people sitting in this barbershop today have made an adult decision for themselves. I don’t need the Governor to be my mother, I have one and God bless her she is gone now and I don’t need another mother.

Watch the whole video right here and see what a hero who cuts hair looks like.


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