Bernie Sanders Is Spending Time in Texas. Why?

Bernie Sanders Is Spending Time in Texas. Why?

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., raises a fist as he arrives for a breakfast meeting with Al Sharpton at Sylvia's Restaurant, Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2016, in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. Sanders defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday in the New Hampshire primary. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)


I’m not hitting the panic button but these polls are an interesting look at what is happening in Texas in a snapshot.

Last weekend before the Nevada caucuses were finished Bernie Sanders was already in Texas. I found that odd being South Carolina is this Saturday and while Texas is part of Super Tuesday, why would the Bern head to the Lone Star state?

Seems he is doing well there against both Biden AND Donald Trump.

According to WFAA

Texas Lyceum is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, statewide organization, which conducts polls on an annual basis. The poll carries a marginal error of +/- 4.89 percentage points.

Data shows Biden leading Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 28% to 26% in the Democratic presidential primary race.

When participants were asked about a hypothetical 2020 general election match-up, Sanders polled closest to Trump, 50% to 47%.

Election Day is less than nine months away and poll results showed Trump holding a lead of 4 to 8 percentage points over each potential Democratic nominee.

A couple of things.

This poll was done in mid-January so the numbers are not out of the oven fresh but they are a guide. Trump’s approval has gone up across the board since the Senate acquittal and so have Bernies since his 3 victories in a row. Trump could have increased his head to head match-up lead and Sanders might have now taken over Biden. Yet in a “solid” red state was is Bernie even this close?

In a short reference. California.

People have been fleeing the high taxes of California, New York, New Jersey and moving to low tax states like Florida, Arizona, and Texas. However, they do not stop voting for Democrats which is such a failure of logic it is hard to believe. The demographics of these states are being changed from within slowly but surely.

So let me make this clear. If Donald Trump or ANY Republican candidate fails to win Texas 38 electoral votes they will NEVER win the Presidency. Ever. Again. Trump won 306 electoral votes in 2016 and you subtract the 38 and you get 268. You need 270 to win.

Texas is to the Republicans in national elections like California is to the Democrats. A large safe zone that is supposed to be a guarantee every 4 years. Unfortunately, too many of the left are leaving the big blue states and changing the red ones to purple.

This might not ultimately play out in the 2020 election but keep your eye out from here.

There is a reason Bernie is spending time in a state he should have no shot in hell of winning. He keeps saying he wants to transform this country and he is serious.

Beleive him.

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