Congressman James Clyburn Sounds the Alarm About South Carolina Supporting Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders

I’m Better Than Him(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

The alternative headline could be…

We Don’t Like Commies in South Carolina

In what has become the latest in a string of dire warnings about what will happen to the Democratic party if they elect an old doddering fool from Vermont, now South Carolina checks in. The next primary is scheduled for this Saturday and time is running short to try and clip Bernie’s wings.


From Mediaite

Speaking to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Clyburn acknowledged that the results in Nevada will have an impact on the race, but he said the demographics of South Carolina’s electorate will provide a clearer picture than the primaries that have happened so far. Clyburn went on to play coy about who he would endorse, and said South Carolina could be a “make or break” state for Joe Biden’s candidacy.

Eventually, Stephanopoulos asked whether Sanders’ expanding coalition is having an impact in South Carolina, and “do you think it could put the House majority in danger?”

“A lot of people think so,” Clyburn answered.

South Carolina could be a make or break state for Joe Biden? You don’t say. I wonder if the next revelation will be that water is wet and Bernie is super duper old with a bad ticker.

Clyburn has been in South Carolina politics for about as long as I can remember. He, up until now, has been considered one of the power brokers in the state. I’m not saying he no longer is but generally, the guy has a good feel how the state is going and he does not sound too confident here. If South Carolina is not going for an old crusty Commie, then say it.

Joe Biden needs to win this state by a margin of five or more otherwise the Bernie people are going to pull a Bill Clinton in New Hampshire in 1992 and claim victory. That the long-time Congressman has also not endorsed Biden tells me that he knows the former Vice President’s goose is cooked and is just too polite to say on national T.V. on a Sunday.


I’m still not convinced that the GOP could take the House back as Representative Clyburn alleges here, though. You can’t just take a “generic” person to run against a Democrat, you need to put up quality people who match up well. We don’t have that list yet so it is too early to tell. However, I’m willing to at least entertain that possibility now that all these establishment Democrats are worried about Bernie.

Can you imagine a Trump second term with  GOP control of both chambers and never another election to face again? That is a #NeverTrump person’s nightmare and it would be funny to watch.

I better stock up on more Bourbon.

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