Why is Anyone Surprised That Chris Matthews Went All Nazi Comparison About Bernie?

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., right, with his wife Jane, raises his hand as he speaks during a campaign event in San Antonio, Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Fascist Fist Pump (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Chris Matthews made an off the wall, not valid comparison? Hot diggity damn it must be a day that ends in a Y.

I’m just a Lil surprised at the reaction from the interwebs about those MSNBC hosts response of despair and the mini-meltdown they had after yesterday’s Nevada caucus with Bernie winning. As I wrote here earlier today at Red State MSNBC Launches the Beginning of Never Bernie I see this as the beginning of #NeverTrump happening on the left and I think this is G-R-E-A-T.


Now going to the actual Chris Mattews running verbal diarrhea thought process. Here is what Tip O’ Neill’s boy wonder said yesterday as the results were flying in at a snail’s pace.

From Mediaite

Matthews came on after Democratic strategist James Carville went on a diatribe against Sanders, and as the MSNBC host made reference to that, he invoked the historical episode when the Germans overran the Maginot Line and forced France to surrender in the middle of World War II.

“It looks like Bernie Sanders is hard to beat right now,” Matthews said. “I’m with Carville all the way in terms of the dangers of what lies ahead in November. They’re sitting on so much oppo research on Bernie.”

Ok, so he did go overboard being he brought up the Germans overrunning the Maginot Line and that is such an obscure reference to sound super smart, he had to been practicing that. In fact, he had been actually reading about it the night before as he said later on the show.

Here is why I’m just not all that flabbergasted and was not willing to join the #FireChirsMatthews twitter rage yesterday.

The left ALWAYS falls back on everything Nazi. That is their default position on everything they disagree with. I’m pretty sure that Godwin’s law was created just for lefties and progressives that would jump right into YOU ARE A NAZI after saying good morning to someone. You don’t like any of the laws that we want to pass, you are going to get tagged with that.


You don’t like Obamacare? Nazi ( mixed in with some racist of course)

Not a fan of universal income? Nazi.

Hate the idea of undocumented people coming here to gain benefits? Super-Duper Nazi.

Not in love with baseball? I’m going to agree here, you have to be a Nazi.

The only really shocking thing going on here is that Matthews and his fellow progs are turning fire on one of their own. This is for a number of reasons I imagine.

First off, Bernie has never been a “party” Democrat but someone who uses the party when he sees fit. Chris and the other libs know that you have to treat the party well to get things done and Bernie has zero interest in that. He has the most active base and he could care less what party regulars think.

Second, I’m pretty sure that Chris and the kids are worried that Sanders will get his clock cleaned by Trump. In fact just last week, Matthews said that Bernie could lose as Mondale did in 84 by 48 or 49 states. That has yet to be seen but it is truly a motivating factor.

Lastly, these media types that talk about others paying all those taxes in no way shape or form actually want to pay all those taxes. The other Democrats running will cut a deal and make the left look smooth. Bernie is a true believer and he will jam the governments you know what, in your, you know where, so you can pay for all these programs. All of these people have visited the countries that Bernie says are models and they really want no part of it.


So fear not kids, just because they are screaming NAZI at Bernie is just how they react to things they don’t quite understand.

The birth of #NeverBernie movement has begun and I can’t wait until new episodes arrive every couple days.

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