Later: Brexit Has Officially Happened as The U.K. Leaves The E.U.

Boris Johnson speaks after being announced as the new leader of the Conservative Party in London, Tuesday, July 23, 2019. Brexit champion Boris Johnson won the contest to lead Britain's governing Conservative Party on Tuesday, and will become the country's next prime minister. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

 (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now official. There are no longer 28 members of the European Union but only 27 as the United Kingdom has become a country represented once again by only its own government. This is a remarkable moment indeed.


As my colleague Streiff wrote here yesterday Nigel Farage Leads the United Kingdom Out of the European Parliament in Totally Epic Fashion Nigel and others have fought long and hard for this day to arrive.

The U.K. officially left the keys on the dresser at 11 p.m. London time and will not be looking back. From the BBC

A cause for celebration for some, a sobering moment for others. The UK formally ended its EU membership at the stroke of midnight on Friday in Brussels, 23:00 GMT in London.

A projection of a countdown clock in Downing Street marked the occasion.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hailed the “dawn of a new era”, promising “real national renewal” after 47 years of EU membership.

With the divorce now sealed, one chapter of Brexit has come to an end. The next, however, has only just begun.

The trade deals and agreements that allow citizens of E.U. countries to travel to and from are still in place but those temporary situations will expire at the end of the year until a new structure is put in place. However, the new beginning of the Parliament in Britain having to get permission from Brussels for anything is now over. This new arrangement will benefit the U.K and the United States of America which has already begun trade talks with our closest partner.

As the BBC reported last year…

US President Donald Trump has said talks about a “very substantial” trade deal with the UK are under way.

He said a bilateral post-Brexit deal could lead to a “three to four, five times” increase in current trade.

There are no details about how this would be achieved.

After a phone call with Boris Johnson on Friday, Mr Trump said the new prime minister would be “great”. He added US-UK trade had previously been “impeded” by Britain’s membership of the EU.

Once the UK leaves, he said, the UK can expect to do “much more” trade with the US, he said.

Mr Johnson and Mr Trump said they would begin formal negotiations “as soon as possible” after the UK leaves the EU.


This will only benefit both countries and is continuing a streak that Donald Trump has seemed to establish tackling trade issues that once were untouchable in the United States. Stronger trade with our cousins across the Atlantic will only make those bonds stronger between our two nations for years to come.

Hopefully, though we don’t have any disagreements about tea, that ended badly for the redcoats last time.

Congrats to all those that fought an incredibly hard battle and succeeded. The U.S. welcomes you back into the realm of free trading nations.

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