Just Do It: Running Sanders Against Trump Would Be Insane

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, during a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by CNN and the Des Moines Register in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

I’m not really crazy, I just look that way. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

The parade against Bernie Sanders is getting longer and louder as we get close to Iowa Caucuses next Monday.


As I have detailed here in these stories at Red State…

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Now we have a piece over at the Intelligencer Feed that says if the Democrats nominate Bernie that the party would be……nuts.

In the field of political forecasting, almost nothing is a matter of certainty, and almost everything is a matter of probability. If Democrats nominate Bernie Sanders — who currently leads the field in Iowa and New Hampshire, and appears to be consolidating support among the party’s progressive wing, while its moderates remain splintered — his prospects against Donald Trump in November would be far from hopeless. Polarization has given any major party nominee a high enough floor of support that the term “unelectable” has no real place in the discussion. What’s more, every candidate in the race brings a suite of their own liabilities Trump could exploit.

That said, the totality of the evidence suggests Sanders is an extremely, perhaps uniquely, risky nominee. His vulnerabilities are enormous and untested. No party nomination, with the possible exception of Barry Goldwater in 1964, has put forth a presidential nominee with the level of downside risk exposure as a Sanders-led ticket would bring. To nominate Sanders would be insane.


I guess I was being nice being the author, Jonathan Chait, actually says insane.

Chait does a nice job of going over the policy reasons why a Sanders nomination would be bad and a very healthy worthwhile debate could be had about these things. What I have been focusing on though is the coming mini civil war that is brewing in the Democratic party over Bernie, his bros and the rest of the party. The example of stories I listed above shows that the “Regular Dems” do consider to be a liability and they are now openly attacking him about it.

The thinking must be that Bernie’s base will undoubtedly jump to whoever the Democrats nominate being they hate the orange man with a passion. So even if their soon to be 80 curmudgeon hero is not at the top of the ticket they will step in line to defeat Trump.

They better look again.

The Democrats and Republicans have seen this type of support for a candidate before and it was not too long ago. Let’s say sometime around the 2016 primaries and the fellas’ name was Donald Trump. Does anyone believe that the feverish support Trump had and still does, would have transferred over to Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio?

If you do, I have a building in New York for sale that you can get really cheap.


Bernie is at the end of his life and not the beginning. He seems to be relishing the fact that he can burn down the party he has never belonged too and avenge himself for how the DNC and Hillary royally screwed him in 2016. He is acting like he doesn’t care probably because he actually, does not care. He is ending his life on his terms and for a politician and the party he holds hostage that is a fun thing to watch.

I mean unless you are a Democrat than it must suck.

Democrats would be crazy to nominate Bernie but they would also be crazy not too.

So, let the Democrats civil war begin in earnest on Monday and get ready to watch Bernie Burrrrrrrrn everything around him.

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