Everyone Hates Bernie: The Latest to Pile On Is Joe Biden

WHY DOESNT ANYONE LIKE ME (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)


What is it about Bernie Sanders that now has all of his compadres in the Democratic party taking shots at him? They are all damn socialists so they should be loving his act.


As I have been chronicling here at Red State, it seems that it is open season on the Berrrrn and the latest to jump in is good ole creepy Uncle Joe Biden. I’m just shocked that this is happening.


From the Chicago Tribune

Former Vice President Joe Biden stopped short Tuesday of saying he’d support Bernie Sanders if the progressive Vermont senator wins the Democratic presidential nomination.

“I’m not going to make judgments now,” Biden told reporters in Muscatine, six days before the Iowa caucuses. “I just think that it depends upon how we treat one another between now and the time we have a nominee.”

Biden had previously promised to support the Democratic nominee, “regardless” of who it is. At some stops along the campaign trail, Biden has even pledged to “work like hell” to help any of his rivals defeat President Donald Trump.

So Biden went from “Work like hell” to ” GO TO HELL in the case of Bernie Sanders.

Normally there are few sour grapes during campaigns where things are said that you think might never heal. Take, in 2016, with Donald Trump and…..Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz. Yet after Trump won the nomination they all fell in line. Even after Cruz pulled that stunt at the convention where he did not endorse Trump at his own coronation.

This is looking different to me, though.

Since Hillary opened up last week and said no one likes Bernie it seems that the other Democrats are now letting their feelings be known that Sanders is a bit of a jerk. He is NOT a Democrat and just uses the platform to run for President and he has a grudge about how he was screwed in 2016. (You can’t really blame him about 2016.)


This comes from a lifetime of not building any coalitions but just yelling about free stuff and telling other people to pay for it.

Yet the problem the Democrats have is that the energy and the money are behind Bernie and his bros. If you are telling Sanders to screw himself now, will they vote for anyone else that told their hero to stuff it? The other Democrats are hoping that just voting Trump out will be enough to get people from Bernie’s camp to switch. I’m not so sure.

Maybe all the Democrats before Monday should just have a big group hug and let Bernie know they care and if you see Biden walking up behind Sanders check where his hands are.

They might be around the Senator’s neck.

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