Unbelievable: Adam Schiff Still Says He Does Not Know Who the Whistleblower Is

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Washington D.C is not a swamp, it is a sewer and it needs to be put in a bubble and sealed until a cure is found for whatever is going on there.


With all the talk of keeping Donald Trump “honest,” there is also the case of Adam Schiff and his ability to stray from the truth. Schiff, of course, misrepresented the phone call between Trump and Zelensky and was called on it during Trump’s legal teams opening statements. Team Trump also brought up that Schiff and his staff knew who the whistleblower is and why have they not produced them.

Schiff says that is a lie. Really?

From The Hill

Schiff also rebuffed the suggestion by the president’s defense team that he had coordinated with the anonymous government whistleblower whose allegations sparked the impeachment investigation.

“It is nonsense. I don’t even know who the whistleblower is,” Schiff said.

Schiff had previously told MSNBC that his committee had not had direct contact with the whistleblower, despite later reports that revealed the person behind the complaint had made contact with a Democratic House Intelligence staffer.

The whistleblower had come to the committee before filing the formal complaint, Schiff acknowledged Saturday, and staffers directed the anonymous figure to contact a lawyer and the inspector general of the intelligence community. That’s the common practice, he said – one encouraged by leaders of the Intelligence panels in both parties.


The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee does NOT know who the whistleblower is but his staff does? This is clearly just a smokescreen to try and avoid being called as a witness in the impeachment trial he is currently involved in.

I have zero issues with people wanting to nick pick every Lil thing that Donald Trump does wrong as long as they also are consistent with every other politician who is talking. What that means is that I have a problem being people are not being consistent.

If you want to live in a world of your desired perfection than treat everyone the same no matter what letter is hanging after their name in elected office. Until then if we continue on this path that we are currently in this country will split wide open and I have no idea how it will be healed.

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