John Bolton Needs to Step up and Go on Maddow to Say If New York Times Leak Is True

United States National Security Adviser John Bolton talks to the Miami Herald on Latin American policy at the National Historic Landmark Miami Freedom Tower on Thursday, November 1, 2018. (Emily Michot/Miami Herald via AP)

Is the Mustache lying? (Emily Michot/Miami Herald via AP)

Lets me just be as straight forward as possible here.

John Bolton needs to go straight to a media outlet that hates Trump, like MSNBC and just do an interview if the New York Times “leak” in his book is true or not.


Last night my colleague Bonchie wrote this Another ‘Bombshell’ Involving Trump and John Bolton Dropped Last Night, Here Are the Details which breaks this down and what happened.

The timing of this stinks to high heaven. Bolton has a book coming out in March and around the time this breaking story hits from the Times, the pre-sale link went live. This smells like a stunt and if it is not than the former National Security Advisor to the President can do something really simple.

Head over to Rockefella Center in New York and go on Rachel Maddow’s show and answer just one question and only one question. Is the leak from the Times that Trump told Bolton DIRECTLY that he wanted a hold on aid to Ukraine until an announcement was made about Burisma in your book.

Yes, Burisma.

The company that HUNTER BIDEN got a cushy job on board for breathing. The media so mucks this stuff up it is no wonder the vast majority of Americans don’t understand what’s going on or in ever-increasing numbers care anything about.

I’m pretty sure Bolton would not be divulging anything that could be revealed as a national security concern by answering one question. He and his team could make sure that Rachel could only ask the one question in regards to this subject and then maybe use the rest of the time to talk about why John thinks we should bomb the hell out of places most progressives like Maddow could not find on a map.


I know that some want sworn testimony in the Senate to make sure John is telling the truth. Ladies and Gentleman, we have a list of former government officials who were sworn under oath and lied and what is being done with them? James Clapper, James Comey, and Andrew McCabe have shown that you can lie your ass off and no one will seriously prosecute you.

So let’s just be real. Bolton allegedly says this in a book. Either the people at the New York Times are lying ( once again) or as Bolton says, it happened. Then if he confirms that is in his book, we kick this thing back to the House where maybe they can actually put together an impeachment case where the Article I & II branches fight it out and let the Article III branch settle it. Just like has been done in all the impeachments in these countries’ history.

Stop the game playing and Washington D.C. insider B.S. and trying to get a payday for book sales and have the guts to step up to the plate and either confirm or deny immediately. If John Bolton actually cares about the country than show the guts to do this and contact Rachel Maddow and be on her show ASAP.


Her ratings could use the boost and the country deserves the truth, not next week or in March but today.

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