WAR: Joe Biden Follows Nancy Pelosi's Lead and Blasts Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

Why The Hate?
Why The Hate?

Seems that America’s Democrats are not in love with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and if they don’t watch it they may make the Facebook czar cry.


Former Vice President and current old white guy running for President, Joe Biden, has now come out and made his displeasure known of all things Facebook. This follows right on the heels of Nancy Pelosi last week blasting Zuck & Co.which I wrote about here the other day Nancy Pelosi Is Really Really Mad at Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.

Did someone not get invited to the Facebook non-specfic holiday party?

According to CNET

In a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times editorial board, Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden made it clear he isn’t a big supporter of Facebook or CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“I’ve never been a fan of Facebook, as you probably know,” Biden told the Times. “I’ve never been a big Zuckerberg fan. I think he’s a real problem.” Biden had been asked about the power of big tech companies and about an ad that ran on Facebook falsely claiming he’d blackmailed Ukranian officials.

Zuckerberg “knows better,” Biden continued. “And you know, from my perspective, I’ve been in the view that not only should we be worrying about the concentration of power, we should be worried about the lack of privacy and them being exempt.” Biden added that companies like Facebook should be responsible for the content on their platforms.


I love wide-ranging interviews with Crazy Joe being they could talk about anything from his support/non-support of the invasion of Iraq to why he wore crocks to this interview. Joe likes to keep us all on our toes.

I think Facebook is a problem also. However, I’m siding with they are picking and choosing algorithms that harm one side of the political spectrum and it is not Joe’s side being harmed. Now I know that Joe and Hillary are still ticked off that the Russians bought ads in 2016. The Clinton campaign I’m pretty sure nuked that. Joe’s bitch is that they just don’t block anything that Democrats disagree with. I think they should allow most everything and see where the chips land.

If a person or group is slandering someone that sue em.

That Biden says he thinks that Zuck is a “real problem” suggests that if the old white guy in the Democratic field NOT named Bernie makes it to the White House than Silicon Valley has some problems coming their way. That’s what you get you leftie tech people.



Now that you have the Speaker of the House and a possible President calling out Facebook and in particular Zuck, I wish you well. You are about to be hunted down by people who have done nothing in the private sector their whole adult lives and they are going to tell you how to do your thing.

May God have mercy on your souls.

Vote for conservatives or libertarians next time you rubes.

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