Regarding Trump: Bill Maher Warns of Civil War After the November Election.

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Well, WELCOME BACK Bill Maher.

The host of “Real-Time” on HBO was back in the saddle again after a holiday break and he came out firing. On a side note, what does an avowed atheist do during that time? Watch others light the menorah and celebrate the birth of Christ and do a continuous eye roll?


Maher had on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the show,  fresh from getting her arse handed to her by Mitch McConnell ( Sorry lefties, you can spin until you throw up but that is just what happened) and he had an interesting exchange with her. My colleague Nick Arama covered that HERE.

The part that struck me a bit odd was when he said if Pelosi and her gang of misfit impeachers don’t treat Trump supporters nicely, that there will be a civil war.

All righty then.

From the ever so cheerful The Daily Beast

His first guest—before welcoming yet another outspoken racist in Joe Walsh on his program—was none other than Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who’s become the leading voice among Democrats with regard to Trump impeachment.

“Well, he gave us no choice. The president was literally self-impeaching every single day,” Pelosi told Maher, adding, “If the president was listening, I’d want him to know that he is impeached forever.”

Later on during their chat, Maher told Pelosi that Dems need to be more forgiving of Trump voters; to blame the shepherd and not the sheep, so to speak.

“You can hate Trump, but you can’t hate [his followers],” announced Maher. “That way lies civil war.”


Now call me a skeptic but I’m pretty sure the left has not been treating Trump supporters with loads of love since never.

Did I miss the internal memo that if the Democrats who just impeached the President don’t start being nice to his supporters that a civil war will start? Where are the meetings for this? Will they have hot cocoa and cider?

As my colleague, Brandon Morse wrote about here about Project Veritas and their latest undercover operation inside the Bernie Sanders camp Project Veritas Releases the First Expose of Its Footage Inside the Sanders Campaign and It’s Disturbing I don’t think Trump gang is that angry.


I’m going to have to go with that Bill is relying on his keen sense of intuitive spidey senses to recall that anyone who supports Trump must be for owning all the guns and shooting anything that moves. While I know Hollywood loves that stereotype it might be a bit of an exaggeration.

Nancy and the Democrats do need to figure out how and why they lost out to Trump in 2016 in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and try to correct that. Those states are chock full of blue-collar voters who according to the latest job stats are doing better than they were four years ago. So that is a real concern, not that if you don’t kiss their butt they will start a civil war.


Although if one did start I’m putting my money on the side that the Democrats are not on. The Dems lost the last civil war and currently, their base consists of kids playing Fortnite. Even if they got close enough to get all angsty to riot, the minute they start smelling gun powder they would probably faint. Plus can you imagine those silly Lil bastards calling the police for help?

The irony is so thick it could kill you from laughter.

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