Oops: According to The Heartland Institute, The Planet Might Not Be Warming Like NOAA Says.

If there is one thing I love is a good old fashioned debate on things that the vast majority of regular people do not understand yet we think we know. Probably one of the greatest examples of this in the modern day is GLOBAL COOLING/WARMING hysteria.


My colleague Stu Cvrk wrote HERE earlier today about some of the examples in the past of global climate hysteria peeps getting it wrong.

Now we have some push back from  The Heartland Institute which is one of the leading think tanks in studying data on…climate.

According to a Press Release from them today there may some not connecting all the dots going on here…

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) today released a new report claiming 2019 was “the second warmest [year] since modern recordkeeping began in 1880. NOAA says this past year was 0.98 degrees Celsius warmer than the 1951 to 1980 mean, making the 2010s “clearly the warmest decade on record.”

Climate experts at The Heartland Institute dispute this claim, pointing to a cherry-picked period for the “mean” comparison and data that has been consistently adjusted to artificially make recent years appear significantly warmer than in decades past. In fact, NOAA’s state-of-the-art land-based temperature stations in the United States, placed by design to minimize the urban heat-island effect and other factors that corrupt the data, show that the U.S. was cooler in 2019 than in 2005. See the chart below from the U.S. Climate Reference Network via the NOAA website.


They also tweeted about it right here…

Now I can freely admit I am NOT a scientist and neither is Leo Dicaprio, although he does have a pretty cool boat and I’m working on getting a super neat dingy. Yet people like Leo want to blame everything bad from forest fires to icebergs sinking the Titanic on man-made yada yada. When you just blindly accept conclusions from G-O-V-E-R-M-E-N-T anything, you are going to be disappointed.

Heartland’s conclusion alleges that the NOAA is cherry-picking the data. From the charts above that looks to be the case. So is NOAA “truth” just a cheery picked opinion or is it ACTUAL TRUTH?

There is truly only one way to find out. Let’s have experts from whoever NOAA wants to send and those from the Heartland Institute and do a conference and let these experts hash it out. They could bring all the charts and data and broadcast LIVE so that people can watch and make up their own minds. If the “TRUTH” is actually “THE TRUTH” than this should not be a problem. I know they will have to dumb it down for all of us but I also know from my personal experience that if I’m confident in my conclusions, I will talk anywhere, anytime.


So lets put some pressure on these experts to have a Lincoln-Douglas style debate ( Heartland is based in Illinois so that is a natural reference) and see where this leads. I think it would be a fascinating learning experience for us all.

If all the parties do not mind, I would also like to suggest a place for this debate.

Leo DiCaprio’s yacht. The fresh air and sun will do us all some good.

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