Sen. Ted Cruz Talks Impeachment, Bernie Sanders, Ukraine Corruption and Donald Trump.

Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have had an interesting relationship, to say the least. The two former primary opponents in 2016 have grown to have a solid working relationship since President Trump assumed office in January of 2017. In a new podcast released yesterday, Sen. Cruz goes in-depth about working with the President on the Jamie Weinstein Show.


The two of them cover some interesting topics.

*Sen. Cruz’s view on how the Ukraine investigation was handled and the President bringing it up in a phone call.

*Where he agrees and disagrees with Sen. Bernie Sanders on.

*What he told President Trump if the President were to suggest Supreme Court nomination for Cruz.

*What happened in a tense Oval Office meeting with Turkey President Erdoğan last month with President Trump and five United States Senators.

Unlike T.V. and regular radio where time is a critical factor and answers are generally shorter, this podcast allows Sen. Cruz to answer the questions in much greater detail. This gives a fascinating look into what is going on behind the scenes in the halls of Washington D.C. and is worth a listen.

Jamie Weinstein interview with Senator Ted CruzLISTEN RIGHT HERE.

(** Authors Note… I not only host a podcast but also produce them and Mr. Weinstein’s show is one of those.**)

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