Did Donald Trump Just Endorse an Idea That Would Have Kept Him From Becoming President?

The short answer is NO.

However, that will not stop “Republicans” who are for the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact to advocate for something that does an end around the Consitution. I have written about this atrocious idea before here at Red State  Yuck: Colorado Decides To Bypass The Electoral College With National Popular Vote and it pops up again in a new opinion piece in the Detroit News.


From the article

It didn’t make a lot of news when it happened, but President Donald Trump recently renewed his support for changing the way America elects the president.

At a rally in Texas he once again supported using the national popular vote. This stance isn’t new. It’s something that Trump has repeatedly iterated over the years, before and during his presidency.

To be clear, Trump didn’t propose abolishing the Electoral College and removing the important, constitutional role of states in the election of president. While others, particularly Democrats, float that idea, it isn’t practical. It’s also not something that Republicans could support.

Here is what the NPV does and I will use a hypothetical situation.

Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote in the United States of America in 2016 by close to 3 million votes because of big turnouts in California and New York. She does not win the Presidency because of the electoral college and how electors are chosen in the states where she did not win like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

However, let’s say the NPV goes into effect and essentially the same scenario happens in 2020.

Hillary runs again ( stop laughing) and this time the NPV is in effect. Trump does not win Michigan this time but keeps PA, WI and everything else stays the same. Now, even though Trump needs 270 electors to win and gets 290 even without Michigan, he loses the race.



Because of all states in the compact that now agree that because California and New York tipped the scale of a popular vote win, all the states that voted for Trump have to agree to send their electors to D.C for Hillary. So middle America that does not have gobs of people like the coasts, will be left to never have an election matter nationally again.

This is in direct CONTRAST to what the founders envisioned. Had they wanted a popular vote all along, they would have never created the electoral college.

The two men that wrote this piece for the Detroit News are Saul Anuzis former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and Michael Steele who is the former chairman of the RNC and current MSNBC talking head. Both men are relatively famous for leaving both the state party and national party in a bit of a mess after they left their respective positions.

Now here is what Trump ACTUALLY SAID in Dallas from Rev

Remember these phony people, there is no way to get to 270 you had to get to … So I kept going to Maine. I love Maine, but Maine too, you get one. It’s cut in half. Maine, to you get one. I went there four or five times because … They got me up, the phonies, they got me up to 269, couldn’t get to 270 so I went … I won, by the way, I won Maine too. I got one. But I went there and I went there a lot. That’s the beautiful thing about the electoral college, you go everywhere. You don’t just spend the three … winning the popular vote would be much easier. I’d rather have that. I’d go to four states and relax. I went to 21 States.


Let’s look at the money quote again.

That’s the beautiful thing about the electoral college, you go everywhere. You don’t just spend the three … winning the popular vote would be much easier. I’d rather have that. I’d go to four states and relax. I went to 21 States.

Trump says he had to go to 21 states to win instead of three or 4. No way. Just like the founders envisioned.

So why would Saul and Michael try to skewer this? This is clearly a progressive idea and no true Republican who has any conservative bona fides would be supporting such a garbage idea.


According to the Detroit Free Press, last year Saul and the NPV took Michigan GOP peeps on a trip to Hawaii for ” Educational Purposes”.

Stop laughing.

According to the Freep, Lansing lobbyist Frank Venuto who helped with this “educational: endeavor said this of needing to get Michigan legislators about 5k miles away from home for this excursion…

Venuto referred most questions about the Hawaii trip to Saul Anuzis, a former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party who has been a vocal proponent of the National Popular Vote and served as vice president of the Institute for Research on Presidential Elections. Anuzis did not return phone calls.

Though he said he would have preferred to hold the meeting at a Michigan getaway such as Mackinac Island, Venuto said it’s necessary to get away from the Capitol to engage in intensive educational work.


I bet.

Can you see how screwed up this is?

Free trips to Hawaii for advocating for something that the founders would never have signed up for.

Every Democrat with a national platform for this crap idea.

Can you smell progressivism and corruption?

Two guys who left the Republican parties in their charge in a heap of burning rubble are now advocating for something that known constitutional scholar A.O.C is advocating for AOC takes heat from heartland after calling Electoral College a racist ‘scam’.

Also, the NPV would have made sure that Hilliary Clinton would have won in 2016 and implying that Donald Trump is for it when he clearly is not is simply gross political theatre from people who scream about integrity.

You have to wonder, are these guys are on our side?

This is a plan that Karl Marx could never have even dreamed of ( except the free trip to Hawaii for “work”, all totalitarians like free stuff because of political position) but we have “conservatives” today advocating for the tyranny of California and New York to decide our elections while the rest of us watch Rome errrr D.C. burn.

No wonder Trump won in the 2016 primaries with GOP leaders like this advocating such a crap idea that is moronic! Middle America is sick and tired of Republican and Democrats crapping on the founders thinking they can do it better.


In the case of Steele and Anuzis, just ask those that were left to clean up the messes of the parties they left behind how solid their ideas are. Now they want to make a mess of the countries electoral system.

The National Popular Vote is an idea that Progressives and Socialists think the time has come.

Let’s prove them wrong.

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