VIDEO: Richard Haberman Is Running For Council, But Also From Questions Of Sexual And Workplace Harassment.

Someone does not like questions about lawsuit settlements

This morning I release my first interview of the 2019 campaign season.

Richard Haberman was once the city manager in Fraser, Michigan and now wants to represent the city on the council. However, he might have left the city in a bit of a mess when he left as the guy running the day to day operations. I have covered this in a serious of articles here at Red State Covering The Local Angle. What Is Happening In Fraser, Michigan.


I also covered the harassment lawsuits that were in part created by Haberman’s inaction according to depositions here… Sex Harassment Lawsuit Was Just Settled For Close To 300k In Fraser, Michigan. Here Is The Proof.

Below is a facebook live video from Wednesday, October 23rd at the V.F.W. Hall in Fraser, Michigan. Haberman had not responded to requests to discuss these issues covered here, so I decided to find him and ask him personally. The video is the result.

**WARNING** Barbara Jennings uses very distasteful language in this.

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