Random Thoughts on Rep. Katie Hill and Her Throuple

I was involved in a Throuple? Is that on Google?

Ahhhhhh just when you think that you have seen it all in the world of entertainment and politics, along comes a freshman Congresswoman from California and her “Throuple” that says “I can do better, hold my hairbrush.”


Miracles truly, never do cease.

After reading the excellent work done by my colleague Jennifer Van Laar on Rep. Katie Hill D-CA and her inappropriate relationship with her staffers CA Rep. Katie Hill Allegedly Involved Female Staffer In 2-Yr ‘Throuple’ Relationship, I sat down and jotted a few random thoughts down about this story.

Here they are…

*According to Jenn’s story, Katie Hill was married for almost 15 years and had a female staffer that she and the hubby were involved with.

Photographs and text messages obtained by RedState show that Rep. Hill was involved in a long-term sexual relationship with a female campaign staffer. The woman, whose name is not being released, was hired by Hill in late 2017 and quickly became involved in a “throuple” relationship with Hill and her estranged husband, Kenny Heslep.

Heslep and the staffer, according to text messages provided to RedState, believed the polyamorous arrangement to be a long-term, committed relationship. The trio took multiple vacations together, including to Alaska, where this photograph was taken.

So Katie and the hubby start off as a couple and then bring the third girl into the mix. So this part I understand being I watch HBO shows based in California and have seen crazier things. However, being I am not steeped in the rules for “Thruuples” my first questions are these:

Now that Hill has jumped ship to her finance director, do the hubby and the female staffer continue on? Do they find a third wheel to replace Hill? Do they maybe include the finance director and would that be a quadrouple?


I’m a newbie and I have questions people.

* In this EXCLUSIVE photo (listed below) from Jenn’s article, it is shown that Rep. Hill is naked while brushing the third wheel’s hair while sitting on a chair in what looks to be a hotel room.

My question and or thought here is, did anyone alert housekeeping that the cushion NEEDED TO BE CLEANED? Having a Congressperson’s bare A$$ on a cushion in a hotel room that the next patron uses also when it was not cleaned is GROSS.

When did the Throuple community become such savages?

Click to view image — Warning: Explicit Image


*When does this story become a Jeopardy question?

Question: This Freshman Congresswoman from California was married to a guy but they both had the same girlfriend and were alleged to be in a what?

Answer: What is a THROUPLE Alex!

*When are any of the mainstream media or entertainment outlets going to pick up this excellent reporting by Jenn?

Here we have a story about an allegation of clear abuse of power. You are not supposed to be playing any type of intimate relations game with people that WORK FOR YOU (on the taxpayers’ dime) when you are an elected official. This is about as unethical as it gets.

How has this tale about Throuple sex and a clear abuse of power not made Special Report With Bret Baier or even TMZ for cripes sake? C’mon Harvey, you’re better than this. I have been looking forward to you and Charles covering this for TMZ Live and then watching you shake your head while looking at the ground like you do when you’re flabbergasted.


I’m sure if it were a Republican this would be getting the same treatment of nonchalant yawns from the mainstream media. I’m sorry, I couldn’t even type that without laughing aloud.

Once again, great work by my colleague Jennifer Van Laar on this. She has been doxxed and threatened over this, which I don’t understand why. She introduced a new word to all of us non-heathens and heathens alike and you should be thankful, not ticked off.

Check out all of Jenn’s work RIGHT HERE

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