Bernie Sanders Is DARED To Visit Venezuela By An Exiled Official

I Don't Wanna Go
I Don’t Wanna Go


One of the more shocking but honestly refreshing things about this campaign cycle is how absolutely HONEST some of those running for President are about embracing Socialism. Normally there is some measly mouthed explanation about how what government takeover they are proposing is different than Cuba, China or Venezuela. The version in America would be so much more benign of course.


Well, now, we have an idea that I think its time has come. You want to find out how great the people’s paradise is, time for you to go and visit.

Without bodyguards.

That is what one exiled assemblyman from Venezuela is suggesting for the Socialist turned Democrat every 4 years, Bernie Sanders.

From The Blaze

Video journalist Nicholas Ballasy approached Venezuelan assemblyman Jose Guerra on Tuesday, and asked the lawmaker what message he has for American politicians such as Sanders “who do not label Maduro a dictator.”

“Maybe they misunderstand what is going on in Venezuela,” Guerra replied. “It’s a dictatorship. There’s no power separation. There’s more than 400 political prisoners. They are persecuted, like me. And it’s a new dictatorship, but it’s a dictatorship, in fact.”

“I don’t know that Jesse Jackson and Bernie Sanders know in a very good way what is going on in Venezuela,” Guerra said, before adding, “I suggest Bernie Sanders take a week and go to Venezuela without bodyguards, and go [take] to the street [with his] cell phone to [see] what’s going on

Bernie and the kids that are elected officials always go on guided tours that show the best of whatever the nation has to offer. These trips are pre-planned and every moment laid out well in advance. However, you go off the beaten path for one moment you will find yourself in some deep water and in trouble.

If Maduro visited, let’s say Chicago and wanted to wander off to the south side of the city he would be welcome too. I would hope someone would advise him though Americans in Chicago on weekends nights think it is target practice with all those guns that are outlawed in Illinois. He might want to be careful.


The wonder of it all is that these pampered primadonnas love to spout off about the awesomeness of a system that has not worked anywhere in the history of the world. Collectivism by the force of government penalty is a horrible economic system and spreads misery, not happiness.

As I wrote the other day here at Red State Even With AOC And The Squad Endorsing Bernie, His Campaign Is Over I believe Sanders is going to have some free time on his hands quite soon.

He should take a trip to the workers’ paradise in South America and see how he likes it.

I won’t hold my breath and neither should he.

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