A Sensible Alternative Health Care Plan to Medicare For All Is Being Discussed

A long time ago ( not really that long) in a country called the United States of America, a President and a Congress forced their fellow countryman into a plan called “Obamacare” that promised to lower costs and that you could keep your doctor.


That did not work out so well. In fact, the party that voted for that lost the majority in both chambers and a thing called the TEA PARTY REVOLUTION was born to roll that and other large government programs back.

Nine years later we still have Obamacare and healthcare is merely a talking point for the Republicans while the Democrats running for President push a thing called “Medicare For All” and take the issue back that they originally screwed up.

Well now a conservative group wants to reignite the discussion with less government is a better approach and they are launching an ad called Healthcare for You.

According to Real Clear Politics

With the presidential election year fast approaching, health care regularly ranks as one of the top issues for voters, and Republicans seem unprepared to create a contrast with their competition. Enter billionaire Bernard Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot and personal friend of Trump.

Marcus has funded a survey of more than 20,000 patients and doctors, other health care providers and small-business owners to develop a framework for a plan that his network hopes congressional and administration Republicans will adopt in time for the election. A product of the conservative Job Creators Network and Physicians for Reform, the blueprint is touted as a personalized plan to compete with Obamacare and Medicare for All.

They call it “Healthcare for You,” and they plan to spend a quarter-million dollars just rolling it out. The first television ad drops Thursday on the heels of the latest Democratic primary debate.


This has to be a multifaceted approach and I like that they will run features a spot of comic telling jokes about healthcare because it is a JOKE ( although not a funny one) what the very people who hoisted Obamacare on us. They broke it and now they want ot tell us how to fix what they broke.

If we needed to overhaul the whole system to kids could stay on their parents’ health care until 27 something is wrong with us.

Some of the proposal’s ideas include…

Changing the way health insurance is bought and sold and regulated by allowing patients to purchase coverage across state lines while giving states more regulatory power.

Lowering drug prices by targeting exemptions that currently allow pharmaceutical middlemen to skirt federal anti-kickback laws.

Creating personal health management accounts, akin to existing health savings accounts, to allow patients to pay for insurance premiums or care with pre-tax dollars.

Targeting medical malpractice laws to better protect physicians from frivolous lawsuits and excessive awards.

Maintaining protections for pre-existing conditions.

This is a good start and I’m happy that someone with a track record of success. Bernard Marcus is helping with this and Forbes CEO, Steve Forbes even tweeted his support earlier today.


The Democrats lied to the American people when they passed Obamacare in 2009 and the Republicans never had the will to overhaul it like the Dems did to pass it. This issue has been lingering on the back burner and it is long past time for conservatives to start having an open discussion on how to improve the system we have instead of the government overhaul the Dems are talking about.

Now is the time and whether or not you like Donald Trump, he just might be the guy to do the overhaul if given the chance.

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