Tea Party Group Demands Adam Schiff Be Investigated For Impeachment Inquiry

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NOW, this is really turning into a brawl.

On Tuesday a letter was received by the Office of Congressional Ethics in regards to the behavior of Congressman Adam Schiff who is a Democrat from California and also the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The letter was sent by the Tea Party Patriots Action and they want Adam to be taken to the woodshed.


According to Fox News

“Rep. Schiff has repeatedly made false statements to the public and the media in his capacity as Ranking Member and now Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence,” Jenny Beth Martin, the honorary chairman of the Tea Party Patriots, wrote in her letter.

Martin added: “These instances of blatantly false and misleading statements – as well as Rep. Schiff’s ongoing misuse of his power and authority on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to advance his partisan political interests, his fabrication of testimony, and his overt efforts to seek incriminating information from Ukrainian sources about the President of the United States – bring into question Rep. Schiff’s suitability to continue to serve as Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, in particular when the critical subject that Rep. Schiff is making much of relates to the Ukraine.”

Schiff was a constant voice howling to anyone in the media during the Russian collusion investigation that you just had to wait until Robert Mueller and his team turned over that report. Even after Mueller released the report and found no collusion he still was saying that “Undoubtedly there is collusion,” AFTER A.G. Barr released a summary that the report later verified that there was not.


You might think he would have learned from that debacle and have taken a step back and relax.


As Jenny Beth Martin indicates from her letter above, it seems Chairman Schiff might have totally missed the life lesson here and double-downed on his Trump Derangement Syndrome. Hopefully, his Congressional gold plated health care plan covers that.

Schiff embarrassed himself with his made-up conversation that he read aloud last week during a meeting of his committee, where he imagined a phone call between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and President Trump. Schiff later claimed it was meant as satire but he gave no indication of that before or after the reading of it. Also, no one from Saturday Night Live picked up the phone to offer him a job so you know that is was really bad and was not even remotely funny.

Also, his getting duped by two Russian Howard Stern wanna be’s doing a  prank caller about getting compromising photos of Trump shows that he is in way over his head. That does not bode well for someone who sees a lot of TOP SECRET material vital to this nation’s national security.

That Nancy Pelosi has not yet pulled the plug on his antics is surprising. This also indicates that while Pelosi was trying to slow-walk impeachment talk after the Russian collusion story failed, she is now double-downed to go after Trump in this manner. Even if she has to stomach the misfires of Adam Schiff.


The O.C.E. is supposed to be one of those arms in the legislative branch that operates as an impartial referee and calls as they see it. I would really love to say that this will get a fair shake and Schiff will be punished for his odd behavior over the past two years. Unfortunately, I don’t have the confidence that will happen.

Hopefully, more groups will follow the T.P.P. lead and demand that some sort of action is taken to reign in this weird behavior of Schiff.

If not he will continue to try out his comedy routine on deadly serious matters to this country and no one will be laughing about the result.

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