GENIUS: Monopoly Socialism Boardgame TAKES Your Money For Passing Go.

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CHRISTmas is just 124 days away and lucky for you I have found the PERFECT gift for you to give the person who thinks that Karl Marx was a righteous dude.

Hasbro has released this game and those who believe that the government taking the majority of what you earn for the “good” of the whole do no find this funny. Take for example Rafi Schwartz over at Splinter News as he opines…


Socialism! It’s not just a school of political thought predicated on the equitable division of labor, resources, and benefits. It’s also, for some inexplicable reason, the theme of a new spin-off of the classic board game Monopoly.

That “Monopoly: Socialism” (featuring the taglines “what’s yours is ours” and “winning is for capitalists”) exists at all is depressing in and of itself, given the constant right-wing scaremongering about the U.S. turning into Soviet Russia if, god forbid, people were given adequate healthcare. But, it also seems to be profoundly—if predictably—lame as hell.

Ahhhhh you can just hear the proletariat whining about once again being shown for having little or no sense of humor. Good thing we do have adequate healthcare in this country or these dear souls, (If they believe in that sort of thing) would surely perish if we did not. Just remember that more Canadians come here for “healthcare” than United States citizens go there. We don’t need to wonder why do we?

All political and economic systems are FLAWED so let’s get that clear. Those countries that are driven by capitalism though have done far more for the world than Socialism, Communism or a weak Monarchy. Why is it that the Republic of the United States with Capitalism as it’s economic underpinning in less than 150 years flourished like no country in the history of man? The reason why is that it allows those to earn and create and keep the majority of that. The forced redistribution is a motivation killer and has proved over and over again to not deliver.


Which is the second part of those systems involved pretty much a death toll unlike any in human history. Josef Stalin made Hitler look like he was moving in slow motion in comparisons to what he did to his own people in the ole Sovie Union.

That Monopoly has a game that helps give simple highlights to this, of course, drives out friend son the left nuts. Thye cant grasp why others don’t see the virtue in taking from those that can to those that maybe don’t want to today. Amateurs.

As Rafi points out very ironically in his last paragraph…

In the meantime, there are a million better ways to spend game night than getting beaten over the head with cheap shots aimed at marketing capitalism to a crowd of people who will forever believe the game when it says “lousy neighbors, vegan meatloaf, and bad plumbing” are the inescapable hallmarks of socialism. Try Clue. At least that one has murder, which is always fun for the whole family.

Always comes back to murder if you don’t do what the dear leaders want.

So rapscallion of those peace-seeking vegetarians.


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