Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Once Again Says No To Running For Senate

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Even though Mitch McConnell really wants him to run, Mike Pompeo is happy right where he is now as Secretay of State.

In an interview that covered a number of topics, Pompeo was once again pressed on whether or not he would be interested in leaving the administration early and run for Senate in his home state of Kansas. He once again shot the idea down. Cold.


From the Washington Examiner…

Washington Examiner : You want people from Youngstown, Pittsburgh?

Pompeo: And Wichita. Yes, and small towns in Texas, and Alabama, and Mississippi, and Appalachia, and in Idaho and Montana. I want people to come from all around because we need those voices heard here at the State Department as well.

Washington Examiner : … and running for Senate?

Pompeo: I am going to stay here. I’ve talked about this. I’m focused on what I’m doing right now. You can go read about it. There’s lots of people talking about it. The only one who’s not talking about it—

Washington Examiner : Is you?

Pompeo: Is me. Precisely.

This is incredibly good news for the country and the Trump administration. Pompeo has been a steady hand at both C.I.A. and now at State. With the amount of overturn in this administrations cabinet, having the person at State Department being a valued asset to the President with North Korea, China, Hong Kong and Iran going on should be reassuring to most Americans.

Kansas is a usually reliable state for the Republicans. I fully understand why Senator Mitch McConell would want a candidate to run with the qualifications of Mr. Pompeo. However, if they can’t find another overly qualified person in Kansas to run on the GOP ticket than that should be worrisome to the overall chances for the GOP to retain control of that chamber in 2020.


For now, we have a steady hand at State during a critical time in U.S. Foreign policy and should be thankful for that.

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