Ouch: Trump Once Again Calls Afghanistan The "Harvard Of Terrorists"

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This can NOT be a good recruiting tool for Harvard.

President Trump today in the Oval Office covered a wide range of issues from trade with China to the economy but he said something about the war in Afghanistan that stuck out as a “Trump moment.” He said that the country we have been fighting in for 19 years is like “Harvard University of terrorism.”


From Mediaite

He said the negotiations with Afghanistan and the Taliban are ongoing and “we’ll see what happens from it,” adding that the Taliban “would like to stop fighting us.”

When asked if the Taliban can be trusted, Trump said he believes “nobody can be trusted” and said, “We’ll always have intelligence and we’ll always have somebody there. But you could say that about a lot of places… But that does seem to be the Harvard University of terrorism.”

Kinda harsh.

The President has a very unique way of putting things and this is a clear example.

The ORGINAL reason we invaded Afghanistan back in October of 2001 was that the government led by the Taliban were allowing Al Queda to train and the government was helping fund these attacks all over the world. Yet 19 years later this place is STILL the Harvard of terror training? What have we done wrong or right? How many lives have we altered in doing what we have done?

I don’t blame any previous administration for doing what they thought was right but 19 years in we need to take a serious look at what we have done there and if we should continue to be there at all. In today’s presser, it sounds like the President is moving closer to wrapping up our time on the ground there. Hopefully, the introspection part begins before we leave.


Even if leaving means the “Harvard” of terrorism will go unabated with their activites, then we have to come up with a different strategy to fight this being the current one has no definable goal. If we don’t have a definable goal than we should never be putting our men and women wearing the nation’s uniform in harm’s way.


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