GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel Just Mic Dropped on Justin Amash

Now that Justin Amash is no longer a card-carrying member of the GOP, the party chair feels like she can tee off on him whenever she wants. Being Ronna and Justin are from the same home state I think this might have been building up for some time.


After the whole hullaballoo yesterday about Israel not allowing two U.S. citizens going to visit Israel to do political protesting you had people from all sides speak out. I wrote about it also yesterday right here at Red State and will again today.

There were a LOT of hot takes.

The one, however, that caught my eye was current Representative Justin Amash of Michigan and also recently departed member of the GOP. I left the “official” GOP back in 1992 so I fully understand the frustration there.

His tweet and the response from current GOP Chairperson Ronna McDaniel was a perky exchange.

Here is what Amash tweeted.

Israel should stand up to President Trump and allow our colleagues to visit. Nobody has to agree with their opinions, but it will inevitably harm U.S.-Israel relations if members of Congress are banned from the country. We must find ways to come together; there’s enough division.
McDaniels came right back with this.


Come together?

398 Rs+Ds came together to condemn a boycott of Israel, you voted present.

424 Rs+Ds came together to condemn anti-Semitism, you voted present.

395 Rs+Ds came together for Iron Dome funding, you voted no.

Spare us the lecture on unity.

Ronna did a lil homework.

Tlaib and Omar, at the end of the day, are United States citizens. Yes, they are also elected officials which grants them cool perks on overseas junkets but still, they are citizens of this country. The First Amendment does not cover any other country but ours. You want to stifle their speech here, I will fight that all day long. They are not entitled to go rabble rouse in another country because they feel morally justified.

Also, the whole rah rah speech of being united is odd coming from the guy that just ditched his party. As I said I ditched the whole party apparatus 27 years ago. Amash worked the system, was elected as a Republican and just now is realizing that the party hierarchy sucks?


Sounds like blatant opportunism to me.

So sitting here as a non wild-eyed, never-screams-about-the-dollar-being-tied-to-GOOOLD libertarian, who believes that countries have borders…..I’m going to give this round to Ronna.

Hopefully, Justin finds his footing before his term in Congrees ends next year. He has not announced whether he will try to fight off those vying for his seat and the GOP challengers he would face, or if he is going to try for the Senate seat here open here next year. We need voices like his in the public arena even if you disagree with them at times.

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