BREAKING: Trump To Order Citizenship Question On Census Be Added By Executive Order

Here we go for another round of court battles to the Supreme Court.

In what has been one of the options President Trump has been thinking about using to add the ” ARE YOU A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES” question to the census will become reality by Executive Order later today.


According to NBC News

President Donald Trump is expected to announce an executive action on getting the citizenship question added to the census, according to an administration official.

Trump announced on Twitter Thursday morning that he will hold a press conference in the afternoon to discuss his latest efforts at including the citizenship question as part of the census.

Here is the tweet from the President that the NBC story above refers to.

This action, of course, will need to be raced back to the Supreme Court Of The United States to see how Chief Justice John Roberts can twist common sense once again to screw something up.

While I’m not a fan of ANY President using the Executive order willy nilly this case seems pretty simple to me. The Executive Branch has to make sure that a census goes out every TEN years. That a question on there asking simply if you are of a citizen of this country is causing people like Nancy Pelosi to lose what little is left of her mind is odd. Put the question on the damn thing.


More will be coming from this today in regards to how Trump plans to rattle Zuck and Jacks chains I’m sure so get ready to rumble America. This summer is just heating up.

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