OHHHHH Mitt!!!....Romney Says He MIGHT Not Support Trump In 2020

Mitt being Mitt is one of those things you can always count on in politics. He just can’t help himself.

On the second Saturday in June we have news that two-time Presidential hopeful and a perennial person running for some sort of office, Sen. Mitt Romney, announces for no particular reason that he might NOT support Donald Trump for re-election in 2020.



From the The Guardian

Mitt Romney may not endorse Donald Trump for re-election in 2020, partly because the 2012 Republican nominee thinks political endorsements are not “worth a thimble of spit”.

That said, the Utah senator remains happy to endorse his choice for president in 2016. Then, having called his party’s nominee “a phoney, a fraud”, he voted for his wife, Ann. This week, Romney said: “I still think she’s doing a fine job.”

The former Massachusetts governor was elected to the Senate last year, after attempts at a rapprochement with Trump produced an unsuccessful bid to be named secretary of state that generated embarrassing public appearances.

Trump endorsed Romney for Congress. Nonetheless the senator has emerged as a leading critic, if inconsistently and largely if not entirely regarding foreign policy.

Well, he does get some creativity points for calling endorsements a “thimble of spit” as opposed to a cart full of manure. I do wonder however how much spit Romney had to produce when he went looking for Trump’s endorsement in his failed 2012 campaign against Barrack Obama?

Endorsements, for the most part, are full of nothing but ego stroking on both sides. The only time it really matters is if it comes with a boatload of cash or the use of a pre-existing successful political machine. So I have no argument when dissing on them in general.


The problem I have is that it always seems that Romney jumps up and down when he fears he might be forgotten about. He made these comments at the E2 Summit in Park City, Utah and being he is the host of this event, he made sure to grab some of that warm spotlight for himself.

Mitt has been critical of Trump many times in the past so his criticism of him at certain times makes sense. Yet in the very same “LOOK AT ME” event, he took the time to both criticize Trump for tariffs on Mexico ( his comments were before Trump announced the deal with the Mexican government on halting tariffs) and applauded the ones with China.

How does a 72-year-old man twist himself up in a pretzel like that and sleep well at night?

Maybe Mitt is still bitter that he did not get the Secretary of State job he wanted with Trump. Maybe he is still in shock over his loss in 2012 to Obama and considers himself the de facto leader of the GOP. Maybe the man loves attention as much as Trump but the only thing he brings to the table other than flip-flopping is he has better hair.

Whatever the reason is you can expect Mitt to pop off at certain times to let the press know that it is once again ok to love him. The 2012 campaign is almost 8 years behind us and he is (not) fully against the guy in the White House of his own party. Show him some love CNN.


I can’t wait until Romney moves back to Michigan to run for something else.

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