Democrats Hope The Month Of June Will Break Pelosi On Accepting Impeachment

The Heat Is ON for the Speaker and her caucus buddies are bringing it.

As I wrote here last week Who Was The Biggest Loser In The Mueller Presser? Nancy Pelosi the Mueller presser was only going to put more heat on Madam Speaker to get moving on impeachment.


According to POLITICO that is just what is happening…

A month packed with subpoena fights, hearings on obstruction of justice and legal battles over Trump’s financial records is certain to provide fresh ammunition to grow the pro-impeachment ranks.

“The temperature’s rising, the plot is thickening. It’s hard for me to imagine Congress certainly leaving for the August recess without some closure on this,” said Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.), who supports impeachment. “The Hamlet act is, I think, wearing thin, and it’s becoming untenable and intellectually strange.”

But Democrats eager to launch impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump fear they’re running out of time to persuade Pelosi to change course before presidential politics consumes Washington.

Democrats in the House are not interested in the overall strategy that Pelosi is looking at. They just want to pound anything with Trump into the ground and hope something sticks. Yet there is a reason that Nancy Pelosi has been in a position of power for so long.

She is not that idiot some want to portray her.

The Speaker comes from a political family and she has learned where there are potential traps and how to avoid them. There is no smoking gun yet and Pelosi has to balance that fact with the non-compliance of the Senate to hold a trial, plus, the danger of a backlash from the moderates they need to win back in 2020. Her committee chairs are increasingly not caring about that.

She has too.

As hard as this might be for some people to believe, Nancy is being the adult in the room here for the Democrats. The newbies think they will always be in the majority and Trump is dead in the water already for next years election. Nancy knows better.


As I said in the other article I wrote from last week on this subject.

Nancy likes the perks of being Speaker. Free plane rides home, bigger office with a cool balcony view of the Mall and she is 3rd in line for the Presidency. All good stuff. So when malcontents like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib start getting lippy about impeachment, Nancy has to walk a fine line. They are part of the reason she is Speaker today but if Impeachment blows up they will be the reason why she loses it.

Nancy doesn’t like to lose.

The ever-growing calls from people on her side of the aisle to fast forward on this will be a lot of fun to watch being Pelosi will have to cut a deal at some point and then the fireworks can really begin before the election next year.

Get a bag of popcorn and get ready. This will be a hoot to watch.

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