Who Was The Biggest Loser In The Mueller Presser? Nancy Pelosi

Impeachment? I don’t even like peaches.

As the late great Glenn Frey once wrote…” The Heat Is On”

After reading all of the hot takes after Bob Muellers 10 minute how are ya I’m outta here presser yesterday, I did not see anyone claim that Nancy Pelosi was in hot water. Donald Trump is, James Comey or maybe William Barr.


I think Nancy is.

Let’s make this clear from the onset. Pelosi is not an idiot. She has been the leader of the Dems in the House for over a decade and LOST the majority back in 2011 and still managed to hang on to become Speaker again. That does not happen in a town like Washington D.C. where you have any number of politicians waiting to stick a knife in you to move up a slot. Nancy has avoided a lot of “Et tu Brute” moments.

She has some skilllzzzzzzz.

So after reading my colleague Bonchies post about a bit of a walk back from the Mueller team after his presser Mueller Backtracks On Presser, Tries To Clarify Matters In Joint Statement With Bill Barr I started to wonder. Who does this put pressure on now?

I think San Fran Nan and here is why.

Pelosi had a scheduled sit down in San Fransisco at the Commonwealth Club that just happened to be after Mueller statement. One of the questions was about her thoughts on what Mueller had said and she started her answer thanking her caucus for doing such hard work the past year. She was buttering them up for this answer according to the Mercury News

“Where it will lead us, we will see,” Pelosi said. “Nothing is off the table. But we do want to make such a compelling, ironclad case that even the Republican Senate… will be convinced of the path we have to take as a country.”

Pelosi has faced pressure from members of her caucus, liberal activists and her San Francisco constituents to move forward with impeachment hearings. But she argued that doing so without a chance of impeachment gaining Republican support would only divide the country and distract from her party’s agenda.

“Many constituents want to impeach the president, but we want to do what is right and what gets results,” she said.

She noted that there wasn’t broad support for impeachment among her caucus, saying “the press makes more fuss about the 38 Democratic members who have publicly endorsed impeachment “than the 200” who haven’t.


Notice that lil tweak at the end? That 38 want it and 200 don’t? That is how a skilled politician does it. She thanks them at first then lightly spanks them at the end. ( This is also why Trump is appealing to people is he does not do this stuff) She made her point that they just don’t have the evidence yet, so stop asking.

Nancy likes the perks of being Speaker. Free plane rides home, bigger office with a cool balcony view of the Mall and she is 3rd in line for the Presidency. All good stuff. So when malcontents like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib start getting lippy about impeachment, Nancy has to walk a fine line. They are part of the reason she is Speaker today but if Impeachment blows up they will be the reason why she loses it.

Nancy doesn’t like to lose.

So just from my lil political nerd point of view, Nancy Pelosi trying to keep her caucus in line, ignore all 23 midgets on the Democratic side running for President calling for her to do impeachment and hold onto her gig, has the most heat on her right now.

So keep encouraging the house democrats to DO THE RIGHT THING.

That will drive Nancy nuts.

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