Does Joy Behar Want Dan Crenshaw And Every Republican Locked up?

Joy Behar and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX-2) debate on 'The View' - 5/6/19. Screen grab via ABC.
Joy Behar and Rep. Dan Crenshaw
Joy Behar and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX-2) debate on ‘The View’ – 5/6/19. Screen grab via ABC.


You really can never get enough of the chattering gals over at The View if you enjoy pure hyperbole mixed with psychobabble.


Perrenial grump Joy Behar during one of the gal chats The View is famous for, had this to say about a discussion that was comparing Richard Nixon to Donald Trump.

This is an unbelievable corrupt President and corrupt administration and the Republican party is right behind him and they all should be thrown into jail as far as I’m concerned.

The whole video clip is right here from MRCTV.

During this clip, Whoopi also made some nonsensical remarks about denying African Americans the right to vote that I can dive into some other time. The reason I wanted to focus on what Joy said is she wants to throw people in jail for something that is not a crime and people in the audience CHEERED!

That should raise an eyebrow for anyone who cares about the 1st amendment.

I fully understand that Donald Trump is probably the most polarizing President of the modern era. While Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 were made out to look like villains by the press, Trump flips them off and laughs at them via Twitter and press-conferences. The media and the country have never seen anything like this and it infuriates the lefties on the coasts and Media in general.

However, when you start saying that people who might agree with Trump on some things, not all, should be thrown in jail because of that agreement or because they are of the same political party, that is just plain fascism. I don’t expect Joy to know anything about that term being she has never shown much in terms of her intellect being very deep.


I picked the photo above of Joy sitting next to a true American hero, Congressman Dan Crenshaw on purpose. Under the flat out moronic statement uttered by Behar, then Congressman Crenshaw should be imprisoned because he is not out there swinging from the same stupid tree that Joy is yelling dumb things from.

I bet she never said anything close to that to him while he was on set.

According to Dan Crenshaw’s bio via Ballotpedia

Crenshaw served as a Navy SEAL from 2006 to 2016. He was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and lost his right eye in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. He earned a bachelor’s degree in international affairs from Tufts University and an M.P.A. from Harvard.

If I’m reading this right, we should throw someone in jail, who served this country honorably for being a member of the Republican party and not making irrational statements about the President of the United States. Last I checked, Donald Trump has been accused of a lot of stuff ( including being a Russian stooge) and has been found guilty of nada. For those of you who are Joy Behar fans, nada means nothing.

I don’t think Joy should be fired for this kind of over the top statement. I think she should be mocked and or pitied. People who literally use their emotions every day to cover up their lack of depth intellectually and try to sound smart should be hammered for it.


As you can tell, I’m all for the mocking option. All in good fun.

Instead of making really dumb statements about throwing political adversaries in jail, how about just sticking to things that matter. Like facts relevant to the topic you are speaking on.

Who knows, people might actually find you funny again Joy. In a nonironic way.

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