Get Ready To Laugh, A REAL Comedian Is Running For POTUS.

What could be worse than an actual comic running for President? Maybe lowering the age for A.O.C. to run for president being she is a “BOSS?”

We have had comics run before in this country for President. Pat Paulsen, Dick Gregory, and Roseanne Barr just to name a few. So why not have another comic throw their hat into the ring.


Seriously, what could go wrong?

I, like most Americans, am a fan of comedy. Well done comedy. Occasionally a few fart jokes thrown in to mix it up and keep it honest, but comedy, nonetheless. I follow way too many pages on Facebook of people that do stand up for a living but it helps to keep me sane in the world we live in today, where a lot of things are just not funny.

I was intrigued when a comic I follow by the name of Steve Hofstetter announced he was running the Presidential campaign of his friend and another comic, Ben Gleib. While most people would just make a smart @#$ remark and move on, I figured I would check it out. Just for the S&G.

Here is what I found over at

Bill Maher recently said, “We need someone who can shred Trump like a stand-up does a heckler. Because Trump is a heckler. And to defeat him, we need a comedian.”

Didn’t see that coming.

While I have written on these pages occasionally that I think Maher has gotten an issue or two right, I’m not sure I would base a POTUS campaign on a “Real Time With Bill Maher” quote. Saying that Trump can only be taken down like a comic takes down a heckler, might be stretching it a bit, yet, I was still intrigued.


After reading about his platform he is much more progressive than I would prefer. Most entertainers are. Even though the left and right almost equally can make my libertarian skin crawl with their government solution for all, I can still be entertained by either side if…they are good at what they do.

If Ben thinks that it will take a comic to take down a “heckler” like Trump, let’s see.

Just remember that the one with the microphone ( or in the case the biggest microphone) generally has the advantage. All comics know this and I’m willing to place a couple of bucks in the coffers of Gleib2020 to see if he can do it.

As Ben writes on his Meet The Candidate portion of his website…

The threshold to qualify for the Democratic debate is just 65,000 donations. Even just $1 from you and 64,999 of your closest friends will put a regular person on that debate stage.

Lets set aside all of the hyperbole of this being the worst of blah blah blah and the end of yadda yadda yadda and come together for something that could be damn entertaining. I’m willing to throw a couple of bucks in just to watch this guy on the same stage with Biden and Beto.


We can show that our republic ( not a democracy) is alive and kicking and help a comic get into the Democratic debates.


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