Amy Klobuchar Reveals She Wants to Revive the Obama Iran Deal.

Amy Klobuchar, in a Fox News town hall Wednesday night, indicated she would want to revive the Obama Iran deal.

As Tony Stark said in The Avengers…”Not A Great Plan.”


According to The Federalist

The only foreign policy question of the night involved the current movement of a carrier group to the Persian Gulf in response to Iranian nuclear provocations. World affairs have not been Klobuchar’s focus in the Senate, but she acquitted herself well. Her answer to Bret Baier’s question—what we she do about Iran if she were president right now—was Clintonian.

First saying that she never would have left the Iran Deal, as Trump did, she acknowledged that it had flaws, without specifying what those flaws were. She then said that Iran must never be allowed a nuclear weapon, mentioning the threat to global peace and to Israel specifically, a contrast with progressives’ increasing distaste for the Jewish state.

That this was the only question dealing with foreign policy was disappointing but her answer reveals something both enlighting and disturbing. She wants to bring back arguably one of the biggest failures of the Obama era.

As Rebeccah L. Heinrichs over at The Hill covered a couple of days after Trump was sworn in, the deal was junk from the get-go. That Sen. Klobuchar wants to restart it should be an issue that is followed up on.

*Would she want to give the Iranian regime more than the 100 to 150 billion dollars that we shipped to them to play nice? Remember Iran is a big sponsor of Hezbollah and the Obama administration gave up denying if any of that money went to terrorist organizations.


*Would she allow Iranian interests access to U.S. Banks again?

*Would the inspections of the nuclear facilities be tougher. Letting the Russians or Chinese on occasion take the lead with this is not in the United States best interest.

*Also, as a member of the Senate, she should be slightly perturbed that ANY President would go over Congress’ head to do a deal like this. Doesn’t the Article I branch have any backbone left?

The only people who are clamoring for this deal to be revived so far been leaders of foreign countries begging to look like they are doing something. There has been little clamor in this country even from the Never Trump forces. That Klobuchar would take a question on the current Iran saber rattling to say we should jump back into a bad deal for America is perplexing.

Hopefully, some reporter will follow up on this piece of news from an otherwise humdrum event with the Senator from Minnesota.

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