NOT THE RUSSIANS: Real Reason Why Facebook Was Down Yesterday.

Evidently, it was NOT a conspiracy to silence conservatives, libertarians and anyone not named Zuck.

Facebook had an issue for most of the day Wednesday were people who needed or wanted to post articles or links were not allowed to do so. This of course started a number of theories and conspiracies on other apps wondering what it could have been.


According to Engadget

Facebook and Instagram were down for the better part of the day Wednesday, and now we know why. According to Facebook, the outage was the result of a server configuration change. The social networking giant said the issue has since been fixed and all of its products and services are accessible once again. “We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience,” the company said.

Facebook had to lower itself and go to Twitter to announce what was going on.

That had to make @jack at twitter laugh and horrify Mark Zuckerberg.

Now a lot of people were speculating yesterday that this may have had something to do with your political point of view. I had a post that was going up at 12:30pm and could not post it. I have to admit that I at first thought the FACEBOOK BAN HAMMER had hit me and I was screwed. When I found out that it was not just me I was still a lil annoyed than I remembered FIRST WORLD PROBLEM and I moved on to listening to spring training baseball.


I think I won out on the deal.

So rest easy everyone. Facebook just had a server hiccup that lasted for more than half the day and everything is right in the social media world once again.

Put the Alex Jones conspiracy hats away until the Chinese or the Russians really hit it.

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