Jussie Smollets Lawyers Want To Make His Trial Like O.J. Simpsons.

What do I mean that Smollett and his legal peeps want to make his turn in court like O.J. Simpsons infamous murder trial?

A circus.

Jussie is of course not on trial for the murder of a person, just the slaughtering of the truth of what he alleges happened on a cold night in late January in Chicago. Possibly lying to the cops about a hate crime involving  MAGA hat wearing hoods carrying a rope and bleach is a road too far for even authorities that might treat celebrities with kid gloves.


Smollett’s attorney is Mark Geragos who has represented famous clients among the likes of Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder, Gary Condit, Susan McDougal, Chris Brown, and Scott Peterson. Geragos is incredibly well known for his commentary on cases and trials on T.V. that he is not involved in and I’m willing to bet that he thinks a circus trial like O.J.’s would be great.


Who doesn’t miss Nancy Grace droning on about the trial du jour every night?

The real reason is the public relations factor. How many people watched and were riveted by the Simpson case? Millions. Even though the evidence was overwhelmingly showing that O.J. committed the crime, the live cameras showed Johnnie Cohran having O.J. try on the glove.

Game Over. The live feed and analysis of it every night gave just enough opening for the jury to fold on conviction. Public opinion was split and Simpson went golfing looking for the killer(s).

In the court proceeding earlier today according to USA Today

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett’s legal team said Tuesday that they “welcome” cameras in the courtroom as prosecutors present their case that the actor staged an attack that made him look like the victim of a vicious hate crime.

Illinois courts typically do not allow cameras in the courts, but state judges have discretion to allow proceedings to be filmed if they feel it is in the public interest.

“There has been a lot of misinformation in this case that has been presented as fact,” Glandian told reporters following Tuesday’s hearing. “The evidence against Mr. Smollett is demonstrably false. We welcome cameras in the courtroom so the public and media can see the actual evidence and what we believe is going to be, actually, a lack of evidence against Mr. Smollett.”


They are setting the table for this to be shown and I hope they succeed. The spin that Geragos and his team will provide will be worthy of commenting on here and many other places during the trial.

In fact, it may have already begun.

The past couple of days over at TMZ they have been trying to convince people that Jussie is walking with a purpose which might prove something.

Jussie Smollett strutted confidently into a Cook County Courthouse for a hearing he did NOT have to attend.

Jussie, who’s been laying low since he was arrested for filing a false police report, was rocking shades, gloves and a trench coat as he arrived Tuesday. The hearing is really for his attorney, Mark Geragos, to file the paperwork so he can rep Jussie in Illinois — and also to determine if cameras will be allowed in court for the case.

He “strutted confidently?” Wow.

I’m sure that is not him ACTING because before all this happened he was ACTING in a show pretending ot be someone and something he was not. I don’t do breaking news as TMZ does but here is a bit of breaking news for you.

Actors, act.

No charge for that one Harvey.

So let’s get to the trial. I will volunteer to replace Nancy Grace on the trial coverage and be much more entertaining. Thankfully, we won’t be dealing with any racial issues being Jussie and the two guys who allegedly did this, are the same skin color.


I can’t wait.

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