ANALYSIS: Affirmative Action for Rich People Revealed in College Admissions Scandal

**COMMERCIAL IMAGE** In this photo taken by Feature Photo Service for IBM: Lauded by the U.S. Department of Education and President Obama, the IBM-inspired P-TECH school in Brooklyn, NY, where teens earn both a community college degree and high school diploma in as little as four years, graduated 27 students last evening at the commencement exercises held by the New York City College of Technology (City University of New York's "City Tech") at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on June 2, 2016. Staring directly at the camera is Elisabel Herrera, one of the 2016 P-TECH graduates, who typically either continue on to four-year colleges or apply for jobs at technology companies like IBM. There are expected to be 60 IBM-inspired P-TECH schools in six states this fall. Nationally, less than 30% of students who enroll in two-year community colleges complete their associate's degree within three years, according to the U.S. Dept. of Education. (Jon Simon/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

What a world we live in.

With news breaking yesterday that the Feds had announced that they had been investigating a college bribery scheme since 2011, the country drew a collective breath and was stunned. (My colleague Elizabeth Vaughn covered it here Breaking: Feds Arrest Parents And Coaches In $25 Million College Admissions Bribery Scheme, Including Actresses Felicity Huffman And Lori Laughlin )


I kinda shrugged it off. Why? You ask.

I have lived in the world of affirmative action all my life. This is not even close to being a new thing for me.

I became acutely aware of the term and practice of affirmative action back in the early 2000s when a student by the name of Jennifer Gratz was fighting a court case based on her being denied admission to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, due to a point system. Part of that had to do with the color of her skin. For a refresher check here.

She eventually won her case and a law was passed by the voters in Michigan in 2006 to prevent this but the tweaking of the rules continues across the country to make sure that people who don’t measure up to the standards laid out are cut some slack.

Jump forward to yesterday.

People with money to burn decided that their spawn might not make the cut in the challenge of these “tough” admission standards at mostly Ivy League schools. The elites employed the help of an admissions consulting company in Newport Beach, California that helped get the kids into the colleges of Mom and Dad’s choice. Even though the lil’ rug rats did not deserve it based on the merits.

Affirmative Action on display, “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous” addition.

I know that most people have been focused on the two actresses from some shows that I have never bothered to watch. (Although, I did see a meme that the Olsen twins are sad Aunt Becky was arrested that I found amusing.) I don’t know who they are but that people from Hollywood are involved with this is hardly a shocker. These actors are just pretending, as they do in their jobs, that their kids are qualified for something they aren’t.


Not stunning.

The only thing I’m waiting for is the chants of white privilege. That means the corrupt non-moral police on the left will have to sacrifice Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin and throw them under the outrage bus.

Poor Aunt Becky.

So welcome to the 2019 version of Affirmative Action still going strong in all forms across the fruited plain. As U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said at the press conference announcing this investigation

“For every student admitted through fraud, an honest and genuinely talented student was rejected.”

Which has been the problem with the program from the beginning.

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