Rob Lowe Makes Funny Joke On Fauxcahontas, Tweeters Cry Foul.

You no funny white man

Some days you read a story that should not be a story and you wonder aloud…WTF is the matter with you people.

Case in point.

Yesterday I wrote about the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that Sen. Elizabeth Warren finally jumped into the Democratic nomination for President rat race. IT’S OFFICIAL: Faux Indian Announces Run For Big Chief, Executive.


I thought the title had pizzaz and a lil bit of sizzle. Then I was sent a tweet  that made me realize I am but an amateur at using pithy puns in titles or more importantly with tweets.

Enter, actor Rob Lowe.

He tweeted a harmless gem and of course, all the people with zero understanding of humor jumped in to condemn him for his lack of progressive caring and about mocking Senator Pale Face.

The outrage was so severe from people who are void of self-analysis that Lowe decided to delete the tweet 9 hours later to make sure that some of the people who live and die on the faux outrage scale could put their heads on the pillow and get some zzzzzz’s.

Here is more of the story from our sister site Twitchy.

Here are some of the outrage tweets I found absolutely delicious.


So Soledad liked Rob for being a caretaker and cracking a harmless joke like this makes her go “ick” and not like him? She should possibly take a moment to read some of the things others might find icky that she has retweeted being she is a serial twitter user.

This one really cracked me up. Were we to judge Valerie on some of the silly crude jokes from “One Day At A Time” I’m sure she would put herself into a twitter time out. The funny thing is she is retweeting stuff from comedians who are saying much worse than a silly pun but she finds that is funny.

Stop. Wolfiesmom.

My overall point is this.

If you want to try and improve the tone of public discourse in the country that is a worthy goal. Donald Trump and others have helped lower the bar on that and that needs to slow down and stop. However, if you think that what Rob Lowe tweeted is a problem in regards to a joke of a politician who gamed the system to advance in academia…

YOU are a big part of the problem in the country today. Please stop everything you are doing and go to a comedy club and get offended by some real zingers. Who knows, you might even laugh and stop being a drag.


As a great drill Seargent in the Bill Murray movie “Stripes” once said.

Lighten Up, Francis.

Maybe to be politically correct, we can Francine also.

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